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insufflated 1 bump (metric)

  • 17:27 - snorted
  • 17:28 feel a slight stimulation
  • 18:01 effects are distinct
  • 18:05 probably peaking
  • 18:14 peak sustained - stimulation focus etc
  • 18:47 - crashing dont feel focused slightly anxius

insufflated 1 bump (imperial)

  • 13:35 snorted bump - instantly feel slight stimmy effect with focus
  • 13:58 - almnost distinctive
  • 14:17 effects still increasing possibly at peak
  • 15:30 peak starts to taper off
  • 16:05 noticeable comedowny feeling, loss of energy, slight short term memory suppression BUT no anxiety, not quite at baseline yet
  • 17:56 a little tired even after a meal but after effects seem to have gone at this point


Of all the stimulants I have tried, the fluorinated amphetamine class stands king. Fuck Adderall and ritalin, who needs that shit when you have 2-FMA? MDMA hangovers? Fuck that shit, get yourself some 4-FA. I have tried 4-FA, 2-FMA, 2-FA, 4-FMA and 3-FA, some of these pretty extensively, so I figured I'd give my analysis of them and their values and whether they match the stimulant you might be looking for.

4-FA - [4-Fluoroamphetamine]: This is the bread and butter of this class. It was the very first one I tried, and also the best for recreational purposes by far. It is the most versatile drug I've ever encountered, because at smaller doses (30-40mg) the serotonin component is hardly noticeable and the dopamine features come through rather nicely and smoothly. You can use it at that amount for a work dose and it will be similar to Adderall. Once you get the dose range in the 100-150mg area, the serotonin activity begins to become much more noticeable and you get this lovely mixture of an adderall style stimulation with MDMA-esq emapthy and socialization. It has a LONG duration and a pretty high compulsion to redose, so these are important features to keep in mind. If you have a large supply, it's really easy to suddenly be 36 hours into a conversation and be like "well fuck we haven't eaten or slept in days, kinda forgot we had to do that shit." Snorting this drug fucking sucks. Do not attempt. Not worth it and you will regret it. The comedown for this drug due to its long duration has been, in my experience, mostly not noticeable and nothing that benzos or weed cannot help. I have taken 4-FA over a hundred times and I cannot think of once where I even thought to myself "man I feel like shit, I wish I hadnt done that".

Sexual activity is magnificent on this drug. Getting hard and staying hard is an art-form in itself, and takes a while to master. I embarrassed myself for 2 weeks everyday with my GF, but she heroically carried me through it and now I can have sex like a fucking champ and it's fucking spectacular. There is a certain connection/therapeutic component to this drug as well that I have not encountered in any other RC. Even compared to MDMA. I have given this drug to perhaps..25 to 30 different individuals and each one has not only had a positive experience, but I've found out some dark and repressed things from friends who before had never shared a single thing. It's a very interesting feature that I've noticed with 4-FA specifically, and am curious if anyone else who has experience with this substance and sharing it has noticed anything? Or maybe it's just my anal retentive attention to environment and encouraging a loving and caring surrounding that makes the drug that special. I don't know, open to feedback.

2-FMA - [2-Fluoromethamphetamine]: This is by far the most functional and beautiful stimulant to ever be conceived for getting shit done and loving to do it. You can write essays, do homework, study, talk, whatever the fuck you want, and you love every single second while you do it. This one is a bit harder to find domestically in the USA, so you have to work for it. Worth every second though. Doses are much smaller than 4-FA, with doses in the 15-20mg area being very noticeable and 30-40mg being overwhelmingly stimulating to someone with no amphetamine tolerance. Not a whole lot of euphoria until you get into the mid 20's to lower 30's for milligrams for doses. But the euphoria is casual and intense at the same time. Hard to describe. I would choose this drug over Adderall every single time. Very clean stimulation, not a lot of that peripheral bullshit like pounding heart rate or sweating like Adderall. Hell, I forgot those were even side effects of stimulants when I just exclusively used 2-FMA for a few months and then took Adderall again for the first time. You just feel like a greater version of you. The duration is long and if you are not prepared for a 12-15 hour long experience, you should not take this or choose something with a shorter duration. The desire to redose is relatively strong, especially if snorted. The long ass duration can make this a bitch to manage. The long duration leads to a smooth and long lasting comedown that I find to be hardly noticeable. Just make sure to hydrate and eat. Benzos and weed can help if anything feels off, but I honestly hardly can ever notice "coming down". I just don't feel high anymore. It's nice. This drug fucking brings it, and it brings it very well. Just make sure you're adequately prepared for what is coming.

2-FA - [2-Fluoroamphetamine]: This is like the in between of 2-FMA and 4-FA. You could probably guess that from its relation to its chemical brothers but the reality is the effects are very like that description. It's duration is like 5-6 hours, and has a potency similar to 4-FA. Very utility and work focused, and not a lot of euphoria, even at higher doses. My girlfriend (who is my fellow beaker for these RC experiments) interestingly took just a fuck ton of this substance to feel anything. We both have a similar (high) tolerance for amphetamines, but she had to take 3 times the amount that I did to even feel any effects. I monitor things like food intake and general good dosing habits when I make these observations. I suspected a possible placebo effect from myself at the doses I was giving but upon dosing 3 other individuals, all had the exact experience as me. Girlfriends just a fucking baller at simulants I guess. Overall, this drug is nice if you don't have access to 4-FA or 2-FMA, although I don't know how that would be the case because 2-FA is so much rarer anyways. I would pass this for the other two any day.

4-FMA - [4-Fluoromethamphetamine]: I did not like this drug. It made me jittery and scatter brained with a lacking sense of euphoria the two times I dosed it at 40mg and 20mg. I ended up throwing the rest of it away. There is a reason this drug is so damn rare, and that's because it is absolute shit compared to the others.

3-FA - [3-Fluoroamphetamine]: I just got my hand on this gem a couple days ago. The 3 substituted fluoroamphetamines have been hard for me to locate, but one of my primary vendors had one gram leftover that he found and I managed to grab it. Man, was I excited. This is the single most work focused and production driven drug I have ever taken. Even making 2-FMA look like a little bitch, I took 100mg of this and then 6 hours later I looked up and me and my girlfriend had finished hours worth of her homework and various studying. Incredibly focused for working, duration of about 8 hours or so. Comedown is the worst of any of its chemical brothers by a significant and noticeableby shitty degree. That combined with the lack of euphoria and the rarity of this drug makes me think sticking with 2-FMA and 4-FA is the best bet. Conclusions and Reasons why PMing me for Sources is a waste of keystrokes

Sorry for the long winded ramble. What did you expect from a fluorinated amphetamine analysis? Haha. I hope some of you guys find this information valuable, I have a ton of experience with these substances so I'm open to any questions. Except for questions about sources. I almost don't want to post my experiences here because every time I do my inbox gets blown up about source requests. All my vendors are private and do not want their information given out to random people, and I'm still able to get these substances because of that. I will not risk my vendors freedom so you can get easy access. Work for your sources like the rest of us had too.

Do not even PM me for sources, fuck off, I will not give them to you. Under any circumstances. And not just because of this boards rules either.

TLDR: Fluorinated amphetamines rock. Especially 4-FA and 2-FMA. If you can get your hands on them (don't PM me about it), definitely give them a shot. Any questions or comments would be greatly appreciated as well because information on these rare compounds is hard to find and we could make someones first time much easier with some good information!

Also, take showers on 4-FA and 2-FMA. I don't know what it is, but I always feel compulsed to take showers on these substances. Like, a lot. I've taken like 5 showers during a single party. You will laugh now but wait till you feel a shower on 4-FA. Absolute fucking heaven. It's like being hugged by the sweet angel of jizztasticness. Hard to describe. Experience it for yourself, you will not regret it.