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Salvinorins are a class of organic compounds naturally found in salvia divinorum. They are classified as diterpenoid furanolactones.

Salvinorins are structurally distinct from other naturally occurring tryptamines (such as DMT, psilocybin) because they contain no nitrogen atoms; hence, it is not an alkaloid (and cannot be rendered as a salt), but rather is a terpenoid. It also differs in subjective experience, compared to other hallucinogens, and has been described as dissociative.

List of salvinorin compounds

Compound R1 R2 Structure
Salvinorin A –OCOCH3 H Salvinorin A.svg
Salvinorin B –OH H Salvinorin B methoxymethyl ether.svg
Salvinorin C OCOCH3 –OCOCH3 -
Salvinorin D –OCOCH3 –OH -
Salvinorin E –OH –OCOCH3 -
Salvinorin F –OH –H -
Salvinorin G =O –OCOCH3 -
Salvinorin H –OH –OH -
Salvinorin I H H -
17α-Salvinorin J H H -
17β-Salvinorin J H H -


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