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This is the documentation page for Module:Further

This module produces a "Further information: a, b and c" link. It implements the {{further}} template.

Usage from wikitext

This module cannot be used directly from #invoke. Instead, it can only be used through the {{further}} template. Please see the template page for documentation.

Usage from other Lua modules

Load the module:

<source lang="lua"> local mFurther = require('Module:Further') </source>

You can then use the _further function like this:

<source lang="lua"> mDetails._further(options, ...) </source>

The parameters following options are the page names that appear after the "Further information:" text. Page names can include a section link if desired. Pages with section links are automatically formatted as page § section, rather than the MediaWiki default of page#section.

The options variable is an optional configuration table. At current, the only option available is "selfref", which is used when the output is a self-reference to Wikipedia. to set this option, use <syntaxhighlight lang="lua" enclose="none">{selfref = true}</syntaxhighlight>. (See the {{selfref}} template for more details on self-references.)

Example 1

<source lang="lua"> mFurther._further(nil, 'A') </source> Produces:

<div class="hatnote">Further information: [[A]]</div>

Displays as:

Further information: A
Example 2

<source lang="lua"> mFurther._further(nil, 'A', 'B', 'C') </source> Produces:

<div class="hatnote">Further information: [[A]], [[B]] and [[C]]</div>

Displays as:

Further information: A, B, and C
Example 3

<source lang="lua"> mFurther._further({selfref = true}, 'A#D', 'B#D', 'C#D') </source> Produces:

<div class="hatnote selfref">Further information: [[A#D|A § D]], [[B#D|B § D]] and [[B#D|C § D]]</div>

Displays as:

Further information: A § D, B § D, and C § D

Technical details

This module uses Module:Hatnote to format the hatnote text, Module:TableTools to process the list of links, and Module:Arguments to fetch the arguments from wikitext.