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This module provides a way to retrieve the group required to perform a given action on a page. It currently tests the following criteria:

  • The page being pending-changes protected: reviewer or autoconfirmed
  • The page being in the MediaWiki namespace: sysop
  • The page being a JavaScript or CSS subpage in userspace: sysop
  • The page being protected: sysop, templateeditor, or autoconfirmed
  • The page being used in a cascading-protected page: sysop
  • The page's title matching the titleblacklist: templateeditor or autoconfirmed
  • A file being moved: filemover
  • A page being moved or a file being uploaded: autoconfirmed
  • A non-Draft non-talk page being created: user
  • Anything else: *

Note that if a template-protected file is moved, both filemover and templateeditor are required, but this will return only templateeditor. This is not likely to be changed any time soon, since template protection currently shouldn't be used on files.


Warning: This module will use up to 4 expensive parser function calls each time it is ran. It should only be used if the exact effective protection level is necessary. Otherwise, consider using title.protectionLevels instead.

From other modules

To load this module: <source lang="lua"> local effectiveProtectionLevel = require('Module:Effective protection level')._main </source>

The function accepts two parameters. The first is a string containing the action to check, which must be one of "edit", "create", "move", "upload", or "autoreview". The second is optional, and can either be the name of the page to check, or a title returned from the mw.title functions. If the second parameter is omitted, the page being displayed is the one checked against. The return value is a string containing the name of the group required to perform the given action.

From wikitext

The parameters are the same as when it is called directly.

{{#invoke:Effective protection level|action|title}}

local p = {}

-- Returns the permission required to perform a given action on a given title.
-- If no title is specified, the title of the page being displayed is used.
function p._main(action, pagename)
	local title
	if type(pagename) == 'table' and pagename.prefixedText then
		title = pagename
	elseif pagename then
		title =
		title = mw.title.getCurrentTitle()
	pagename = title.prefixedText
	if action == 'autoreview' then
		local level = mw.getCurrentFrame():callParserFunction('PENDINGCHANGELEVEL', pagename)
		if level == 'review' then
			return 'reviewer'
		elseif level ~= '' then
			return level
			return nil -- not '*'. a page not being PC-protected is distinct from it being PC-protected with anyone able to review. also not '', as that would mean PC-protected but nobody can review
	elseif action ~= 'edit' and action ~= 'move' and action ~= 'create' and action ~= 'upload' then
		error( 'First parameter must be one of edit, move, create, upload, autoreview', 2 )
	if title.namespace == 8 then -- MediaWiki namespace
		return 'sysop'
	elseif title.namespace == 2 and title.isSubpage and ( title.contentModel == 'javascript' or title.contentModel == 'css' ) then -- user JS or CSS page
		return 'sysop'
	local level = title.protectionLevels[action] and title.protectionLevels[action][1]
	if level == 'sysop' or level == 'editprotected' then
		return 'sysop'
	elseif title.cascadingProtection.restrictions[action] and title.cascadingProtection.restrictions[action][1] then -- used by a cascading-protected page
		return 'sysop'
	elseif level == 'templateeditor' then
		return 'templateeditor'
	elseif action == 'move' then
		local blacklistentry = mw.ext.TitleBlacklist.test('edit', pagename) -- Testing action edit is correct, since this is for the source page. The target page name gets tested with action move.
		if blacklistentry and not blacklistentry.params.autoconfirmed then
			return 'templateeditor'
		elseif title.namespace == 6 then
			return 'filemover'
			return 'autoconfirmed'
	local blacklistentry = mw.ext.TitleBlacklist.test(action, pagename)
	if blacklistentry then
		return blacklistentry.params.autoconfirmed and 'autoconfirmed' or 'templateeditor'
	elseif level == 'editsemiprotected' then -- create-semiprotected pages return this for some reason
		return 'autoconfirmed'
	elseif level then
		return level
	elseif action == 'upload' then
		return 'autoconfirmed'
	elseif action == 'create' and title.namespace % 2 == 0 and title.namespace ~= 118 then -- You need to be registered, but not autoconfirmed, to create non-talk pages other than drafts
		return 'user'
		return '*'

setmetatable(p, { __index = function(t, k)
	return function(frame)
		return t._main(k, frame.args[1])
end })

return p