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How it works


This image appears to contain the 5 fundamental entities, environmental gradients and vectors which I experience: 4 working members, a thinking member (and its feeling counterpart), the unified body and the vector by which these mechanisms are tethered to the environment;

  • The composition is similar to the shape of a brain viewed in profile
  • The children are the modular entities (anxiety, assurance, negative, positive).
    • Anxiety and assurance reside in the frontal area somewhere, and are representative of our future prediction engine
    • Negative and positive are more primal, so reside in the rear of the brain, probably close to the visual cortex
    • That they are children is an important metaphor. These entities are in conflict and require practice for optimal operation
  • The beardy man is clearly metaphorical of a wise agent whose body is arranged so that his working members control not the children directly, but;
    • The brainstem (legs), allowing for physical navigation of the environment
    • The arms are measuring/creating spectral input data gradients, allow navigation of temporal environment (hyperspace)
    • His own thinking member (head) resides outside of the brain structure, signifying the transcentient nature of agency

Where is the ego structure? Is it the agent's head? He is not measuring/creating anything with his heart, which also resides outside of the brain structure. The heart "feels", rather than calculates.

The image can be viewed as a schematic for the creation of the universe at each sample. The memory pointer is, I believe, his thinking member's own senses (and internal brain (this is getting recursive)). The thinking member must be aware of its position in a thread in relation to the operation of the lower level structure.

If the brain evolved from the bottom upwards, simpler forms of life will have fewer levels of modules available (starting with the legs which move us in the physical environment).

PJosepherum (talk) 11:06, 22 July 2014 (UTC)