Experience:aMT (70 mg, oral) - Testing AMT to the limit

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Experience report - aMT


  • Age: 31
  • Gender: MAN
  • Height: 170cm / 67inches
  • Weight: 73Kg / 160lb
  • Date: 03/2021
  • Location: Spain


Note: I have previously had experiences with MDMA, SPEED, COCAINE, ALCOHOL, MARIJUANA. I am healthy and I do not take any medications. Also inform that I have written this report using google translator because my native language is Spanish.


I have had an experience to the limit of my body I do not recommend doing the same. According to the experience obtained, I do not recommend more than 40-60mg, once you have noticeable effects it is not worth taking more, the only thing that I achieved was that my body was unable to control the temperature, feeling very bad, sweating going cold and heat, the effects visuals never only increased my discomfort.

I took it being alone at home and I do not recommend it, I would have liked to be with someone to talk. I also experienced a little short-term memory loss but very little nothing serious.

T + 0:00 - I take 11mg amt ingested with water on an empty stomach

T +2: 00 - I feel a little energetic but nothing else and I take

                 30mg more

T + 2:54 - I feel that it is going up I feel tingling in the

                  hands and teeth


T + 3: 24 - I feel a little dizzy and if I look closely I start to have a

               little visual effects. Drift

T + 4: 33- I take 20mg more

T + 5: 31- the visual effects are as intense as they can be and I don't have to notice to have them, I start to feel a little bad and I eat a banana it was 17:31 I started the experience at 12: 20 without eating anything since the day before.

T + 5: 42- the tingling intensifies

T + 6: 00- I take 10mg more, I eat chips, I drink water, I go out to buy 2 donuts and I eat one. He was already very high. I take a shower.

T + 6: 52- I'm playing lol, aram, the game starts to slow motion

T + 7: 00- the high is going up a lot, the tingling is very strong

T + 7: 30- I feel very very bad. I go to bed with the feeling that I am about to lose consciousness.

T + 8: 15- I feel bad but I am improving little by little.

T + 8: 30- the body temperature is too uncontrolled and is driving me crazy.

T + 8: 45- I feel better now, I reflect that I have reached the limit. my body temperature is very bad. i'm full of sweat

T + 9: 00- I eat more chips and drink water

T + 9: 36- I feel better and I start listening to psycotrance

T + 9: 40- I stop listening to music I feel very relaxed.

T + 9: 57- time advances very slowly, I start playing with a laser pointer.

T + 10: 26- I start eating grapes

T + 10: 31- I listen to music again only 10 min

T + 10: 40- I try to play clash royale but I can't, the game is slow.

T + 11: 10- I begin to feel more normal but with a racing mind.

T + 11: 34- I still feel a little tingling in my teeth and hands, I feel very relaxed as if I had finished coming out of a very hot bath.

T + 13: 20- visual effects and diminished

T + 15: 00- approximately hour that I managed to sleep until the next day.

The next day I had a bit of a headache. I ate some and was able to drive a motorcycle but I don't recommend it.

Effects analysis


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