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Experience reports - Cannabis

  • Date: 15/07/2013
  • Age: Unknown
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 5'10" / 178 cm
  • Weight: 97.5 kg / 215 lb
  • Dosage:
    • Alcohol 5 beers 2 - 3 hours @ 6 PM
    • Cannabis 5 hits glass bowl / 5 min @ 8 PM
  • Misc: Subject was dehydrated


Subject was on a backpacking trip all day (10 miles) did not drink sufficient amounts of water and was having heart palpitations, which were minor in nature. Subject ate dinner drinking caffeinated drinks and still not enough water. Subject goes back to summer home that subject was renting for summer session at the university.

Other friends come over everybody is drinking a little and 2 other people, besides the subject smoke cannabis. Subject did not know that cannabis does not stay lit like tobacco. Subject took 5 monster hits off of a glass bowl in the process of "trying to keep it lit." Subject burns throat beyond belief and begins to cough profusely.

Subject is normal at this point, but not high yet. Goes to bathroom coughs more and subject decides to sit down because nature was calling. Subject slumped down on the toilet seat and closed his eyes. When the subject opened them he was in a different place than he had ever been before. The subject knew where he was per SE, but this new perception and state of mind made the subject panic.

The subject could not remember how to use the door knob. When the subject finally got out of the bathroom he had dry mouth, bloodshot eyes, sweating profusely, unable to feel moisture on skin, and pounding heart. CEV's were prevalent T.V. static blobs with intricate golden knot work out of AU with rainbows around them. Every time subject closed their eyes, the format stayed the same, but the shapes changed.

The subject walked out into the living room to see friends and it looked as if every one was moving and speaking in slow motion. The subject tried to sit down, but was filled with panic and wanted to go outside. Fortunately, their was an experienced user their who kept the subject company while subjects friends fetched milk? (unknown urban remedy) and food. The subject went outside and almost went to a dark place in their mind... as in the subject was going into their consciousnesses, possibly "Ego Death." Every time the subject would snap up and the subject said, "I don't want to go away." The subject then got up and started walking.

The subject tried to tell my trip sitter about music, which subject was studying. Subject could not communicate effectively. Subject projectile vomited twice in subjects front yard. Subject then saw 1000's of equations in subjects mind (CEV's) and could not remember them; they were extremely complex. Subject went back inside and laid back in the recliner and tried to watch T.V. Subject then drifted off to sleep at about 11 PM. Subject woke up at 4 AM and drank a half gallon of milk and a box of "Little-Debbie" cakes. Subject knew what the "munchies" were about now.

Submitted by Entheogenie11

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