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Experience index - Pregabalin [Lyrica]

Substance(s): Cannabis@21.2%thc/1.5%CBD per gram. I smoked two grams. I'm scripted sixteen 0.5mg alprazolam/xanax tablets per day, so i took 6mg with the 4000mg of pregabalin[im scripted two 300mg capsules daily], [300mg Effexor, 75mg Wellbutrin, 36mg Methylphenidate[EXTENDED][i'm scripted two 36mg capsules a day], 60mg Methadone[daily] So that's 2 grams of weed over the course of two hours. 6 mg xanax at the time of the pregabalin 3900mg pregabalin and with the methadone, xan and pregab i also took one concerta 36mg.

Dose: 3900mg Lyrica with 6mg Xanax, 36mg Concerta and 120mg methadone [two full doses]

Route of Administration: Oral for all and Smoked the cannabis. Summary: I usually take at the very least 1200mg and 90mg methadone to feel good but the day after it's almost like you have a tolerance and you either need to ingest more methadone or take more lyrica OR both.

i've been tapering down from 145mg methadone down to 60, and after my brother accidentally died taking pills from our dad which i had warned my doctor [my dad and i have the same doctor] about 2 times, the second of which was LITERALLY 7 days ON THE DOT before my brother died. My mom told him multiple times he sells his hydromorphone as well. My brother had back pain and took 36mg of hydromorphone and 1mg xanax and then went outside where i wasn't and drank 12 beer. I was unaware he did any drugs [both the xan he had taken from me and the hydro he bought from our dad] that night and was under the impression he was just drunk. The 6 other people who lived in our giant acreage house ALL told me [after the fact] extremely severe warning signs that had ANYBODY FUCKING TOLD ME ABOUT i'd have been able to save him. [I did CPR for 50 minutes waiting for a fucking ambulance with narcane to show up and i also broke his rib when i was doing cpr]

So first thing i did was take 6mg of xanax, then i swallowed 13 capsules of lyrica[300mg] and about 20 minutes after taking those two i ingested a 36mg concerta[only 1 but im prescribed 2] and then packed a huge bowl of weed.

Essentially, if you're doing more than 1200mg and you haven't been taking pregabalin in a high dose daily like me you'll just black out, fall asleep, and then spend the NEXT day asleep until night time as well. This is exactly what occured to me when I took these drugs, i took the concerta thinking it would help me stay conscious but i guess only crystalized methamphetamine will help with not passing out.

The first two hours were very euphoric i was seeing long trails like i was high on psilocybin and my legs felt like they were floating [i have Parkinson's Disease and Hepatitis C{hep diagnosis happened in 2013} and with Parkinson's i constantly have painful twitching and extremely uncomfortable twitching. Example: I have a twitch running from the top bridge of my nose going down to both sides but only the left side twitches at all times of consciousness and sleep with it never stopping or taking a break. It's always there. I constantly feel it. It's fucking mind numbingly uncomfortable and if i didn't have the anxiety relief i'd have gone insane.] as I watched comedic shows on netflix, youtube and my own SSD while i continued to smoke my very potent weed [i remember the nug was 7 grams and it looked like maybe an eighth but it was so dense and full of crystal it honestly made me sad that i had smoked the other 21 grams and i'm down to the last nug i set aside{again - because it was so pretty}].

Sometime between the 2nd and 3rd hour I lost consciousness and about 8 hours later i woke up on my fucking floor where my chair was knocked over, my GAMING DESKTOP was knocked on it's side [and damaged my NVIDIA 2080 and im sure the mobo took some damage too but hey here i am using it to type this. which i felt like doing after seeing what small doses other people take. i was honestly shocked how people take such low doses and get high. i don't even take my lyrica on the daily i only do it sporatically with doses of a MINIMUM of 1200mg and typically no more than 1800mg and i'll take a little bit of extra methadone along with it] , there was a knocked over 2l pepsi that [luckily] my waterproof phone was face down in, and my thousand dollar gaming monitor was JUST BARELY still on the desk [im assuming i kicked the table or maybe the computer banged into the table it's on im not sure] and my hair had something sticky which i assume was the pepsi however it was dried by the time i awoke so it was just shiny and hard.

Age: at the time 28, now - 31

Sex: M

Height: 5Ft,11", 180.34cm

Weight: At the time 170 [now 180] Date: 12/6th 2019

Location: Canada

Background I started intravenously injecting dilaudid/hydromorphone when i was 18 years old. As a 16 year old when i first started i would only insufflate it. The IV and heroin addiction ended when my brother died 9 years later from our fat fuck of a piece of shit father sold him like thirty 18mg hydromorph-contin at a beautiful price of 7 dollars each. This man also supplied me dope prettty much every time i couldnt get heroin. [this was before all heroin turned into fentanyl and nothing else but people still say it's dope]

Timeline T+ 0:00 - Ingested xan, methadone, lyrica

T+ 0:20 - Ingested methylphenidate.

T+ 1:30 - Peaking


T+ 2:30 - Black out/loss of consciousness

T+ 8:xx I woke up on the floor

T+ 9:00 lost consciousness again except this time in my bed

T+ 39:00 Officially woke up and got out of bed. [yes 39 hours after ingesting it i was finally awake again and while i regained full lucidity i remained disoriented and clumsily walking into walls and shit.