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Date: 07/07/2021 Age: 26 Sex: M Height: 180 cm Weight: 200 lbs


I recently laced a cannabis cigarette with approximately 80mg of s-isomer ketamine. At around midnight, after a few beers (4 pints in all) and a few hours after insufflating a similarly sized dose, my curiosity got the better of me and I sprinkled a 80mg dose of the stuff onto a 1/2 gram cannabis joint.

Instead of mixing the ketamine into the cannabis and then rolling it up, I decided to roll the bud and then sprinkle the fairy dust on top before closing it up. This lead to a rather uneven distribution of K throughout the J, but this heterogeneity allowed to me to have several pulls that were more K heavy. On the more K heavy portions of the J, I could taste the bitterness of the ketamine significantly more as I inhaled. I smoked through most of the J, it was rolled without a filter so getting it all would be pretty difficult, ensuring that I smoked through the sections with the majority of the K.

The experience was similar to that of insufflated ketamine, but I felt the onset to be more immediate than insufflated ketamine and shorter lasting. It is difficult to compare intensity as I was somewhat intoxicated when I smoked the K and I'm sure a slight tolerance lessened the effects of the smoked dose. Being somewhat late, I took to the couch to ride out the high. I have completely lost track of time and am feeling the buzzy numbness that comes with being dissociated. As I lay on the couch, I decide it's probably time to get some sleep. As I prepare to get up, physical motion felt difficult and foreign as I seemingly floated a few inches off the ground into my bedroom. I lay in bed not too long, and I fall asleep no too long thereafter. In all, I would probably do it again, but would probably mix the ketamine with the cannabis before rolling into a filtered joint to ensure more even and complete consumption. In the future, I would be interested to try this combination without the influence of other substances to more accurately determine the effects of this form of consumption.