Experience:Datura and nicotine smoked - 4 and ~15 hits; was actually quite pleasant

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Experience reports - Datura and tobacco

  • Date: 9/6/17
  • Gender: M
  • Weight: 243 lbs
  • Age: 14
  • Etc: ADHD


(note: datura's oral route is much more daring. you proooooooobably shouldn't do datura orally, or probably at all. ;P)

t=3:50p So, I light a cig with dried Datura innoxia flower smashed into the tip of it. I take a hit and hold for four seconds. That is all. I begin to feel an almost immediate sensation of being slightly heavier. At first, I had trip anxiety, which quickly faded.
t=3:54p Second hit, my visual acuity seems slightly impaired up close. I got a hit of nicotine from it too.
t=3:57p Connecting my words seems very slightly difficult. No hallucinations, which I am glad of. Occasional and very small areas of warmth come onto my body.
t=3:59p I seem very slightly more calm, at least compared to the beginning.
t=4:00p I tell my offline friend I smoked Datura. lol.
t=4:01p I feel things to be slightly more humorous!
This seems great so far!
I get these pleasant feelings of warmth more often, like I just wanna go to bed.
This is fucking awesome.... <3
t=4:03p Pulse (radial, two fingers) is actually slower than usual.
At threshold smoked doses, could this be an anxiolytic?
My feet feel warm.
I test my heaviness again;
I do feel slightly heavy as I walk to the kitchen and back to get my cappuccino.
I'm not gonna smoke anymore.
I had a headache before this, probably from high blood pressure... :(
Now, it's very imperceivable. :D
t=4:11p Another Datura smoked hit taken.
t=4:13p Another one. I take a few extra hits of the cig.
t=4:18p Moderate sedated feeling noted.
I try to pack a bit of dried Datura into the cigarette, so I just tear the middle of it open and pack "bud" in.
t=4:26p I call it a success. I feel like I could nod off, but also awake...I feel...happy. :)
Datura isn't all that bad smoked, I guess.
I test my heaviness. Oh yeah. I feel heavier. Not overwhelming, like my ~800 mg DPH trip, but it's noticeable.
.. :)
I liked this experience. I'd recommend Datura/nicotine to others. Just take out some of the tobacco at the start, pack in some dried Datura flower, and you'll get a pretty pleasant high. May give you a little anxiety, so just use 0.5 mg of lorazepam (my boo~ <3) or a low (~30 mg) DXM dose. Watch out for DXM interactions. Ahhh.. This is so good. :)

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