Experience:DXM (1500 mg, oral) - "Who are you? I, am nobody."

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Experience report - DXM


  • Age: 15
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 6'1
  • Weight: 160 lb, 72 kg
  • Date: 9/14/21 - 9/15/21
  • Location: Wyoming, U.S.A


I have been using this substance to cope with my exceedingly poor mental health for around 4 week now, thus I have fair experience with Dextromethorphan, and have developed a slight tolerance. Despite my abuse, I treat Dextromethorphan with a considerable level of spiritual reverence, and respect before I ingest it. Whether or not this effects the experience itself I cannot determine, but I feel it helps put me in a good mindset to enter the trip.

I purchased two bottles of Delsym from a supermarket near my school, with 148 milliliters of fluid which has 30 milligrams per 5 milliliter, which would serve as the apperatus to enter what is in between.


At the time of writing, I am still feeling the effects of this dose. A warmth constricts itself around my body and an overwhelming curiosity of this world consumes my mind, and the earth still hums its metallic hum in my ears. But, I am lucid. And I come to share my story.

My alarm rang. It was time for me to wake up, and get my day started. I packed my bag, didn't bother to change my clothes as I slept in a somewhat acceptable outfit, and I left.

On my way to the bus stop, the clouds graced the sky in such a way that made me feel like a dwarf among them, and the smoke diffused the rays of the sun to make it shine a vibrant scarlet across the sky.

Good omens, which are something I usually seek before I take a high dose.

I board the bus, still beholding the sun and the clouds, and when it arrives, there is still roughly an hour before school begins. I use this time to go to a nearby supermarket, and purchase my two bottles.

Once this is done, I go back to school.

Roughly two hours later, in the minutes preceding third period, I choose to ingest the first bottle. I go into a nearby lavatory, and mumble a prayer beneath my breath before chugging the bottle and stuffing its remains into my backpack. Thus, the journey begins.

The effects of the first bottle didn't manifest significantly I got home, while at school I simply felt more sociable and curious, nothing more.

At home, my vision began to lag in a typical manner of the substance, and the mind began to expand. The time drew near for the second bottle.

Again, I follow the same ritual. Unboxing the bottle, mumbling a prayer, and chugging the bottle in one fell swoop.

My journey to the void began.

Thirty minutes passes and my vision blurs, and my eyes have difficulty focusing. The world begins to sing a metallic hum, and the mind roots grow further.

My father calls me. I do my best to keep my footing normal, but clearly not well enough as he is on to me. He asks if I am high, and I respond with a mostly illegible excuse.

He just chuckles, and tells me to shower.

Ten minutes pass, though it felt more like an hour, and I enter the shower.

The sound of the water hitting the floor of the bathtub was delayed, and sounded more like the roar of an industrial fan than a typical shower.

The water warmed my skin, and I enter a nostalgic chain of thought that lasted an incomprehensible amount of time, pondering past memories and reliving them.

Exiting the shower now, I do my best to dry off, and get dressed. Though, this was difficult as my skin was numbed and I couldn't differentiate wet skin from dry.

Dressed, I lay in my bed, and begins the journey to the other side.

I stared blankly in front of me. Objects in my periphery seemed to manifest into other things all together, while I felt like everything in my room was brand new, as if I were never there before.

And then, darkness.

My vision opened up to an infinitely complex void. It was beautiful, its very being pulsated throughout myself.

I felt myself soaring through this void at an incomprehensibly fast speed, yet everything passing me passed slowly, my speed being irrelevant to its scale.

And then, It opened up again to an alternate void. Three blue pillars shone through the darkness, quickly manifesting themselves into a weave of pulsating geometry.

It was as colorful as it was complex and vibrant, as if it were the very fabric that connects itself to all matter.

Around me, the weave I journeyed through seemed to speak out to me in what sounded like both English and Spanish, two languages I have studied. Though, nothing said was comprehensible, yet all of it seemed to make sense to my mind.

All that I sailed through made everything else to be insignificant in comparison.

The majesty of the in-between dwarfed all, and I was just a soul in awe of its presence.

And then, the geometric void I was in stopped pulsating, and its very presence seemed to question.

"Who are you?"

I, I am no-one.

And with that, the objects that made up my room seemed to manifest back into existence, and began to make sense yet again.

Since my voyage through the void, the world seems different. I am more empathetic of my fellow human, and colours seem to shine more potent.

We men are all brothers, regardless of our birth. And we have all been placed into this cosmic voyage together.

Ad Infinitum.

Submitted by TimYingus

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