Experience:DMT (60mg, freebase) - passing out

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Experience reports - DMT

  • Date: 06/2019
  • Age: 45
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 192 cm / 6'4"
  • Weight: 100 kg / 220 lbs
  • Misc: First try of DMT, alone, all quiet, dim lights, candles, on my bed, calm, relaxed, a little exited, meditated before


As I am a little bigger I thought I would choose what was described as a breakthrough dose. I read between 60 mg - 100 mg would be required. Because I wanted to be cautious I went for 60 mg.

Actually this wasn't the first ever try to experience DMT, but the methods of consumption I tried beforehand were really poor and I didn't get much out of it other then a little disturbance in my vision.

So I bought glass pipes, filled one up with the freebase and began heating it with the torch lighter. The free base began to melt, then to simmer and evaporate, I inhaled, kept the air in my lungs for a while and exhaled. I immediately felt the effects. My vision started to get vibrating, the colours to be more bright and deep, more contrast. A little bit like comic art. I somehow was reminded of south american native art. Also tinnitus began.

I took another hit what was already difficult to do, I had to really force me to do it instead of just laying down and experiencing the effects. After the second inhalation I was done. I knew I should do three, but I had enough. I closed my eyes and layed down.

What came after that I completely forgot until I tried it again some weeks later.

I lost my mind, I was shot out of my usual consciousness. It was frightening, I instantly regreted it. "Oh no! Why have I done this?!" I began breathing heavily ( I use the Wim-Hof-Method occasionally) With it came some visuals, I remember especially green and white, very simple and in big geometry, spinning slowly, a word or sound in the background which I was familiar with, but could not replicate now. It was the meaning of it all.

I heard or thought about my name and it was strange. I gave it up. I gave up being me, I gave in dying. And then I tought: "Oh, this is where God lives!" (I am agnostic btw.)

But I forgot all this until my next trip with DMT.

That's all. I came to about 15min. later. And it was very strange. If I have been out and was back. Like ressurrected. Unconscious for the first time of my life. Really disturbing. I didn't remember anything. I could have been dead also, I thought. I would just have been gone - poof!

Submitted by OTTO

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