Experience:Codeine (5.5ml, oral ingestion) - Trying Lean

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Experience reports - Codeine


  • Age: 15
  • Sex: M
  • Height: 1.83m / 6ft
  • Weight: 90kg / 200lbs
  • Date: Late 2018
  • Location: United States / Colorado


At this point in my life, this was the hardest drug I had ever done, others include Nicotine and Marijuana, both of which I had a very low tolerance.


I had gotten my hands on a 16oz(473.176ml) bottle of Codeine / Promethazine. I got 2 of my friends and we split the bottle into 3rds ~5.5oz (162.654ml) each, then poured each dose into cups with lemon lime soda. The taste was ok, not very good but that's what I expected.

T+ 0:00 - Drank 1 cup of Lean (around 12pm)

T+ 1:00 - After about an hour, my body started to feel a little heavier, and I started to feel like falling asleep. My friends and I started walking to try to keep us from doing so.

T+ 1:05 Very quickly after we started walking, it felt like my eyes started zoom out and lose focus, that's the best way I can describe it, as if I was trailing behind myself while walking.

T+ 1:30 At this point, I had to look at my friends to make sure they were still there, despite being behind one of them, having to re-focus on what I was doing. We were talking the entire walk, I don't remember what the topic was. Everything felt extremely slow, as if we were walking in slow motion.

T+ 2:00 We had made it to our destination, the mall. I'm not sure why we went there, but it's where we ended up. This is when the Euphoria started, I remember thinking everything my friend said was hilarious. There was also a point where it felt like I had to force myself to breathe, as if someone was sitting on my chest, after the fact I thought about how terrifying that was, but I didn't realize this at the moment.

T+ 2:30 We enter the store of a mobile carrier, and watched the T.V. for about an hour, I don't remember the show, and I might have fallen asleep for awhile but can't remember.

T+ 4:00 At this point, my memory is faded, so I can't say what happened here, but my friends and I were completely fine. I managed to return to the spot where we started, get on my bike, and ride home. So I'm assuming I was sober, otherwise I would have walked.

Submitted by Cologear

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