Experience:Caffeine (~125 mg) + Nicotine (4.5 mg) - Essential performance boost

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Experience reports - appox. 125mg caffeine w/ appox. 4.5mg nicotine


  • Age: 19
  • Sex: F
  • Height: 176cm
  • Weight: 74kg
  • Date: 04/2021
  • Location: JP / Asia


So I wrote it somehow. Crap.


Note: This section should include the content of the experience itself.

A detailed timeline is preferred but not required. Example format:

T+ 0:00 - Cup of coffee, nicotine with vapor.

T+ 0:00:05 - Effect started, Enhanced focus, that makes me can only see the computer screen in front of me.

T+ 0:00:10 - Color becomes brighter and softer, with shaped glowing edges.

T+ 0:01:00 - Another two inhale attempts.

T+ 0:02:00 - Increased blood pressure leads to "Inner sound"

T+ 0:03:00 - Time-related sensory disruption. Increased reflex but decreased time cognition.

T+ 0:04:05 - "Damn that's colorful."

T+ 0:05:05 - Adapted to these colors. Peak time.

To be added.

T+ 0:07:00 - End of report, the effect become less sharp and soft.

Submitted by Mi7aka

Effects analysis


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