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Experience reportsCodeine

  • Date: 03/2023
  • Location: Poland
  • Substances used:
    • T+0:00 - 150mg codeine, ten 15mg tablets.
    • T+1:50 - 150mg codeine, ten 15mg tablets.
    • T+2:10 - ~82mg CBD, 1 gram of 8.2% CBD weed.


  • Age: 16
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 188cm / 6'2
  • Weight: 56kg / 123lbs


I have a very thin experience with opioids in the past, only trying Tramadol about 3 weeks ago on 4 occasions. I suspect little to no tolerance towards this substance, I do not smoke CBD or THC since 2 weeks, and the last thing I've used was 30 grams of nutmeg, about a week ago. Before the trip I've drank some tea and earlier on ate normal dinner.

Experience report

This experience will be very poorly reported, it is my first attempt at writing a trip report in order to contribute to this community and not just take things. The timeline was being written during the trip itself, with slight modifications to it after the effects have worn off.

I would describe the experience as pleasant, calm and euphoric, although maybe slightly underwhelming? My goal for this experience was solely trying out Codeine, because my environment is really glorifying this substance. Upon trying it myself, I don't think I understand the hype for it. Perhaps I did something wrong, or perhaps this just isn't my type of thing.

When it comes to details, I've included everything in the timeline below, enjoy and please let me know of anything I could improve on.


T+ 0:00 - Ingested 150mg of Codeine orally.

T+ 0:20 - I begin to notice first effects, although I still remain unsure whether it's placebo. I've decided to leave home at this point, and I was left with a feeling similar to what I've felt during low-dose of MDMA. Saturation and colors seem brighter, surroundings seem larger, more detailed and interesting. A very slight, barely noticeable feeling of euphoria surrounds my body as I traverse through the old town towards the tram.

T+ 0:40 - As I'm sitting on the tram, I feel as if the time accelerated, the tram interior itself seems way brighter than usual, although the view from the window is exactly the opposite, way darker than usual. The feeling of euphoria is slightly intensifying, and a small smile appeared on my face.

T+ 0:45 - Entering the pharmacist, the room seems very warm, pleasant and larger than it should be. Waiting in the queue is usually something that would be slightly annoying, yet the time seems to pass so quickly I don't even care. I feel calmer, happier and a warm haze surrounds my body, different from the one I would feel due to the warmer temperature inside.

T+ 1:00 - When texting people, I feel more confident and more straight-forward, feeling of relaxation surrounds my body and the warm haze remains. It's around -2C currently, so warmth is definitely not a thing I should be feeling right now. I look around a lot to fully appreciate the visual changes. Things seem way more interesting, especially when it comes to street lights, or passing cars.

T+ 1:30 - Returning home with the next dose, I've prepped the setup for filtering out the paracetamol using cold water extraction, and upon sticking it to the fridge, I sat down in front of my PC to write down some stuff in order to make sure I don't forget them. I feel more energized, coordinated and my actions seem to be more rewarding to my brain.

T+ 1:50 - I've ingested another 150mg of Codeine orally.

T+ 2:00 - My actions feel a little bit delayed, yet way smoother in nature, as if my eyes were a cinematic Steadicam. My room seems unusually dark when compared to the light coming from the monitors which is kind of irritating for my eyes.

T+ 2:10 - I've ingested around 82mg of CBD via smoking one joint. (8.2% CBD / 1G smoked)

T+ 2:20 - I'm starting to feel the slight body high from CBD, I haven't smoked it in quite a while. As I begin writing down the trip report, the background gets even more dark as my eyes attempt to adapt to the monitor light. I don't feel the effects from second dose yet, although I feel as if the first dose is peaking around now.

T+ 2:30 - The high from CBD is peaking, and I think the second dose of Codeine is starting to come up. Edges of objects seem way sharper, and focusing on my monitor makes everything else around it very noisy. I feel really calm, with the warm haze surrounding my body to an ever more intense extent. From the side effects, I feel really itchy around my butt, hands, neck and hair. Pretty much everywhere to be honest.

T+ 2:45 - I feel way more interested in my surroundings, taking a deep look into things I would ignore normally. And a sense of peace surrounds my thoughts, although it's way harder for me to take deeper focus into anything. As I'm writing this, it feels very autonomic, as if I wasn't the one controlling what's being written down. At this point I'm going to start preparing myself another meal.

T+ 3:00 - When preparing the ingredients I came to the realization that I'm overestimating my appetite. I feel appetite suppression, although I am slightly hungry, just not as hungry as usual, so I've decided to make myself a smaller meal. When preparing the meal, I've noticed that surfaces appear way smoother than usual, and this applies to a lot of things. Walls, floors, and even roads I see out the window. They look smoother, flatter as if a 2D texture was overlapped onto an object. I've decided to play some music, it seems nicer, the bass is more noticeable throughout my body and the rhythm seems way easier to recognize.

T+ 3:10 - The effects seem to have stabilized and start wearing off, I don't see anything new.

T+ 3:45 - I will now go to sleep, I'm now really sleepy, the euphoria remains although it's wearing off, I don't expect any more interesting events, so I decide to end the trip report here.

Submitted by shdwrv

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