Experience:300mg DPH + 600mg DXM - An Interesting Combo

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Experience reports - DXM and DPH

  • Date: 13/03/2019
  • Age: 16
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 169 cm / 5'7"
  • Weight: 50 kg / 110 lbs
  • Misc: Good mindset, lots of experience with DXM, limited experience with DPH. Heavy DXM tolerance.


The time range is approximate and could be wrong. This was my first time combining diphenhydramine with dextromethorphan.

600 mg DXM in the form of powder (T+0:00)
300 mg DPH in the form of capsules (T+1:30)

T+0:00 - 9:00PM - Took 600mg DXM hbr powder on an empty stomach. Planned on taking the DPH at around T+1:30. I put on some music and chatted to some friends over discord while waiting for the onset.

T+0:50 - 9:50PM - Can feel the DXM onsetting, slight nausea and minor dissociation. At this point I started watching some TV so I could distract myself while waiting to come up. I think I was watching Gravity Falls but I could be wrong.

T+1:30 - 10:30PM - At 10:30pm I decided to take the DPH. Decided on 300mg as I didn't want to trip too hard, at this point in time I had no idea how powerful the DXM+DPH combination was. I was feeling the DXM strong at this point, although I had not peaked. Swallowed the 6 x 50mg capsules with some water. The capsules had a weird taste. Wasn't very pleasant although the taste did not last long.

T+2:00 - 11:00PM - 30 minutes after the I took the DPH capsules I started to feel some effects. I started to feel my mouth get dry and started feeling heavier than usual. Feel very tired but also very energetic, this was a pretty uncomfortable feeling. Nausea was still there. Passed pretty soon though. I decided to go back onto my computer.

T+2:30-3:00 - 11:30PM-12:00AM - Both drugs had peaked. I don't know if it was just tolerance, but I couldn't feel the DXM as much as normal. This also could of been due to how strong the DPH was as we find out later. At this time I was drinking quite a lot of water as the dry mouth was pretty unpleasant. As soon as the DPH peaked I instantly started getting auditory hallucinations, this were pretty disturbing and I started feeling anxious so I put on some music to calm me down. My heart rate at this point was probably around 110++ BPM. A bit after I peaked I started to get some hallucinations. The first major one was some spiders on top of my roof. I've had spiders on DPH before so I wasn't too worried. I was fully lucid at this point. I was uncomfortable sitting at my computer because I felt so heavy so I decided to lie down on my bed.

T+3:30-4:00 - 12:30AM-1:00AM - At this point the hallucinations really started. Shadow people kept appearing near my door and at the end of my bed. They would fade into thin air if I turned my phone light on or tried to walk over to them. I was getting some closed eyed visuals as well. When I closed my eyes I would see my room as if my eyes were open but everything would be extremely dull. There were a few minor differences but I can't remember the details. I was feeling extremely heavy when I tried to walk, like something was weighing me down. I still had dry mouth but it wasn’t as bad as before. Suddenly I heard my mum walking up the stairs and she knocked on the door. I decided to ignore this as I knew it was most likely a hallucination. I was correct, the noise stopped as soon as soon as I questioned if it was a hallucination. Around this time I started to hear voices. Light whispering from all directions which I could not make out. I heard this weird noise coming from outside so I decided to look out the window. There were people on my driveway doing construction. At the time this seemed normal, however it was 1 in the morning so this wasn't possible. I looked back in a few minutes and it was back to normal.

T+4:00-5:00 - 1:00AM-2:00AM - I heard my mother walking up the stairs again like before. She knocked on the door like before but this time she opened it. I got worried so I pretended to act like I was asleep, she then did a circle and left my room. I was really confused but then I realized that it was most likely a hallucination. Around 1:30-2AM (I think) I started to get delirious. My "mother" came back and knocked on my door like normal and asked “Can I come in?”. This freaked me the fuck out as I wasn't expecting her to come in my room at 1AM. I quietly whispered “Yes” (it was hard to talk) and she then came in with a packet of pills, I quickly saw it was the DPH. My mum then said she was extremely disappointed in me for doing that to myself and that she found the pills in the trash, she then said we would talk about it in the morning and left. This is not possible as I didn't throw the pill packet in the trash and still had it in my bag. Also why would my mother be looking through the trash in the middle of the night. At the time I thought this was real and that I had been caught. I did not realize that it was a hallucination until a few hours later.

T+5:00-6:00 - 2:00AM-3:00AM - Things got really weird at this point. I had a range of hallucinations such as my wall started to morph different directions and family/friends came into my room and we had various conversations which I would suddenly realize they were hallucinations, and then they would then just fade away. I also saw more shadow people. Another odd hallucination I had multiple times was my cat on my bed. I could pat her but after a while she just faded into thin air. I also had moments when I tried to pickup my phone and it would fade into thin air which I have had happen before at 600mg DPH. The delirium was very strong at points and it was hard to do anything.

T+7:00 - 4:00AM - I heard my mum calling my name from downstairs, it sounded urgent. So I went downstairs calling her name, I ended up waking her up. She asked me why I was awake at 4 in the morning. I told her it was actually 6AM and I was getting ready for school (it was the weekend as well). She told me to go back to bed (she probably thought I was sleepwalking). I asked her if she was still mad at me. She replied with “why would I be mad at you?”. That was the point I finally realized that my mum never came upto my room before and it was just an extremely realistic hallucination. This really fucked with my head as I was sure that I had been caught before. I went back to my room and decided to get some sleep as I was not enjoying myself. I think I woke up a few times but ended up falling back to sleep straight away.

The Day After: I woke up around 11AM feeling pretty terrible. Although I did have a slight DXM afterglow the effects were overpowered by the DPH hangover. I ended up asking my mum about what happened when I woke her up and she said I just looked and sounded confused. I ended up convincing her I was just sleep walking. Thankfully I didn't say anything too bad and was extremely lucky to not be caught.

I underestimated this combination. Please be careful when doing diphenhydramine, especially in combination with DXM because of the unexpected strong synergy.

Submitted by Sam

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