Experience:1P-LSD (300 ug) - Living in a simulation filled with love

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Experience reports - 1P-LSD


This is my first time writing a trip report and it has since been 6 months since these events took place

So the setting was me and a friend from school in the house of his parents surrounded by nature. So this kid from my class has a trip room especially made to trip so funky lights the geometric cloths on the wall you name it.

T+0:00 – We both took 150ug of 1P-LSD this was about my 7 or 8th time taking the substance and I was really excited about it.

T+0:30 – So we are now both feeling the 1P-LSD slowly settling down in our body’s and are getting more active and aware of our surroundings, we are listening to some Pinkfloyd albums and it’s a really good vibe.

T+1:00 – one hour in and we are both feeling the 1P-LSD really show it’s color there are some geometric patterns over layering the one white wall he has. At this point we started talking about how LSD would be on a higher dose and what this would be like, me having never taken anything above 150ug and him having taken higher doses more often.

T+1:45 – at this point our first dosage of 1P-LSD was about to peak and we were both really feeling it. Geometric patterns were now over layering lots of the otherwise blank walls. Since we had been talking about higher doses my friend suggested that we could try taking some more 1P-LSD since I was so curious about it. So I did a quick google search and figured that it wouldn’t be too bad.

T+2:45 – After this I can’t exactly place the timeframes 100% correct since time is always an odd thing on psychedelics. So now we were feeling our second dose add to the first dosage and amazing things were happening, color literally flowing throughout the room and hysterical laughter filling it. So we decide that it’s time for a joint this wasn’t the first one but it was a really important one. Every time I would take a hit of the joint all the color would become even more intense and at this point we were really tripping hard.

T+3:15-3:45 – I can’t exactly place these events in their correct chronological order like I mentioned before but I’ll try my best. At this point me and my friend were discussing that the mindset was a lot different on a high dose of 1P-LSD that a low dosage of 1P-LSD, it was extremely clear like I had total control over everything that I was thinking and doing and I had a really clear picture of where I was in life.

T+4:15 – At this point both dosages of 1P-LSD were at their peak and we decided that we would split up and go our own ways since I was very focused with myself. So I get to the room where I was going to sleep and there was a massive mirror in this room. I just got off my shirt since I was going to go lay underneath the blankets. And as I looked into this mirror I saw my body and it had some sort of stats next to me and I was looking at my chest and body and I looked like I was extremely ripped which is one of the clearer visuals which I had.

T+4:45 – Around this time I had a sudden realization that I was in some sort of a simulation the weird thing is after the effects of the 1P-LSD wore off all of this realization slowly slipped thru my hands and I still to this day can’t remember what exactly it was, although this has come back a few time when trying 1P-LSD again and as a result I usually get a lot less interactive with my friends. The visuals at this point were something that I’d never seen before, I was seeing memes on Instagram of my own trip and surrounding the simulation type of realization I had. I only remember very small bits and pieces of this realization, but I would never be able to convert this to language it was simply said the most eye-opening experience of my life.

T+5:15 – After the previous realization I was met with another realization, that my entire life was going to be fine and that I shouldn’t have any worries about the future because the entire meaning of life is to have fun and love your friends and family. Another very odd visual came at this point and that was that my phone it’s operating system was just constantly changing and it looked like it was rapidly upgrading itself and after around 15 seconds or so it stopped changing and it’s to this date the most futuristic rendition of software I’ve ever seen, which I of course also later tried to copy on a website since I code. This didn’t go so well and it seemingly seemed impossible to create since I’m also not the best at making front-end.

T+6:00 at this point I was becoming really tired and decided that it was time to sleep. My brain however thought it was a great moment to show me the most beautiful array of colors and patterns, so I looked at these patterns and colors for a couple of hours with total acceptance flowing thru my body. And the knowledge that my entire life will be fine.

Some stuff that doesn’t really have a timeline but I thought was cool – In previous trips I had music sound a lot different but nothing could prepare me for the things I was hearing during this trip. It was the most amazing pure sounds I had ever heard, in addition to that lyrics were completely changed and were usually singing about the trip I had and I remember understanding the interconnectedness of every human and how and why the universe was a simulation sadly neither of these things I was able to comprehend with a sober brain so if I ever go as high as that again ( which if I do will probably be in some time ) I will write down notes of the experience so I can maybe integrate the things shown to me in the trip.

There are of course a lot of things that I actually took back from the trip the biggest being the acceptance that my life will flow in it’s own way and that I do not need to focus on getting successful or wealthy in life but more on being happy and content with myself and others since our time here is finite and therefore should enjoy it as much as we can.

Submitted by Huiting

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