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  • The automated tripsitter will be an interactive dashboard designed with the intention of automating assistance and harm prevention during experiences with psychoactive drugs.
  • On the left hand side is a timer which begins once somebody has selected a drug using the right hand column, inputted a dosage and hit the tick box as they consume it to confirm it is in their system. Once the timer begins it displays just how far you are into the trip on the larger timer but also provides others estimates for different parts of the experience such as the peak, onset, offset times etc in smaller text underneath.
  • The substance input system can add as many substances as one wants in advance by using the + buttons. However, they only affect the timer when the tick button is pressed.
  • The dashboard can take variables such as height, weight, ROA and could probably many more into account.
  • The subjective effects index will predict in advance the effects that will occur by generating a bulletpoint list based on our subjective effects index. These will have tick boxes next to them so that one can confirm that the effect occured, the level it occurred at, the variations which occured, etc, etc.
  • At the end of the trip one will be able to add an optional tripreport or submit their subjective effect occurence confirmations to add a new breakdown to the automated substance subjective effect system which will not be built for a while yet.
  • The vibes tab will allow one to be serenaded with music of the persons choice or by selecting different vibes/playlists.
  • The IRC tab will keep them in contact with the PW IRC by default with a secondary snoonet tab which uses tripsits IRC incase nobody is online.
  • It integrates with the social profile, lists their experience automatically and offers subjective effect experience xbox achievements.