Substituted aminorexes

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Substitutive structure of an aminorex molecule.

Substituted aminorex refers to a chemical class of compounds that are based on the structure of aminorex.



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Substituted aminorex are a class of compounds with structures based on the 5-phenyl-4,5-dihydro-1,3-oxazol-2-amine structure of aminorex.

List of substituted aminorex compounds

Compound R4 R2′ R3′ R4′ R5′ R6′ RN1 RN2 Structure
Aminorex H H H H H H H H Aminorex.svg
4‑Methylaminorex CH3 H H H H H H H 4-Methylaminorex.svg
4‑Ethylaminorex CH2CH3 H H H H H H H 4-Ethylaminorex.svg
4,4'‑DMAR CH3 H H CH3 H H H H 4,4'-DMAR.svg
4'‑Fluoro-4‑methylaminorex CH3 H H F H H H H 4'-Fluoro-4-methylaminorex.svg
Clominorex H H H Cl H H H H Clominorex.svg
Fluminorex H H H CF3 H H H H Fluminorex.svg
Pemoline =O H H H H H H H Pemoline.svg
Cyclazodone =O H H H H H C3H5 H Cyclazodone.svg
N‑methylcyclazodone =O H H H H H C3H5 CH3 N-methylcyclazodone.svg
Fenozolone =O H H H H H CH2CH3 H Fenozolone.svg
Thozalinone =O H H H H H CH3 CH3 Thozalinone.svg

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