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Why support PsychonautWiki?

PsychonautWiki is run by a few dedicated individuals who have devoted years of their lives and finances to the progression of this project. We do not make a profit from any of this and regularly pay for a monthly server bill as well as other expenses necessary to keep our website running. As time goes on and the server requires greater amounts of monthly bandwidth, it is becoming exponentially more expensive to fund it.

If this website has made a difference to your life and you enjoy reading it, donations of any size are sincerely appreciated and go directly towards the hosting of our expensive server, producing its content and furthering the cause.
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PsychonautWiki has recently signed up to Patreon, a website which allows users to donate a certain amount of money per month to various projects. It has taken vast amounts of time, effort and money over the past five years to build this website. In order to expand upon this project in the future, we are raising funds so that we can dedicate more time to this project, pay for our server costs and maintenance, provide accurate information about psychoactive substances, and minimize harm related to substance use by encouraging safe practices.

If you find this website useful, please consider supporting us long-term through monthly donations or one-time donations. Any amount is greatly appreciated and we thank you in advance. <3