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Liechti2017 figure 2a.jpg

(a) Mean percentage differences (+SEM) in CBF (red), integrity (blue), and signal variance (green) in 12 different resting-state networks (RSNs) under LSD relative to placebo (red asterisks indicate statistical significance, *P<0.05; **P<0.01, Bonferroni corrected). (b) Differences in between-RSN RSFC or RSN ‘segregation’ under LSD vs placebo. Each square in the matrix represents the strength of functional connectivity (positive=red, negative=blue) between a pair of different RSNs (parameter estimate values). The matrix on the far right displays the between-condition differences in covariance (t values): red=reduced segregation and blue=increased segregation under LSD. White asterisks represent significant differences (P<0.05, FDR corrected; n=15). Reproduced from Carhart-Harris et al (2016c).

Figure from Modern Clinical Research on LSD