Experience:Diphenhydramine (800mg, oral) - A night of delirious mania

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Experience reports - Diphenhydramine


I have to strongly advise against the recreational consumption of this substance, seriously I'd rather take datura than this pink pill from hell. I was dumb and stupid and didn't know what was I was doing at the time. I am 14 130 pounds 5 foot 6 at this point in my life and the setting was my bedroom in good old Washington state. (This happened around January or march of 2020, I will do to tell this tale of caution to my best recollection)

It was a typical night for me on this day, ten or eleven o clock, couldn't sleep and watching trailer park boys and wondering what I can do to pass the time. I go downstairs and look thru my mother's old purse, looking for old thc filled vape cartridges or alprazolam (another story). I look in my mother's purse scrounging around and find blister packs of these pink pills, "Diphenhydramine 25mg HCI" they said, and wondered if I could get high from them. I go upstairs with my findings and research online reading trip reports from this specific guy who had a monotone voice and animated his trip talking about spiders in the hallway is what I most remember, and in my stupid brain thought I should do this. I peel back the blister packs and roughly take around 30-28 pills on an empty stomach around 11 20, and prepared to document my trip by having a pencil and notebook by my side. The only thing I ever documented was at 11 50 feeling good and heavy, after that is when things go south. To my best recollection, I go downstairs and search through the medicine cabinet and find a pill bottle that says "CAUTION: Benzodiazepines may cause drowsiness or impaired driving" And I took about four pills out of the pill container putting them later in my bed, and find a THC vape device in the cabinet, taking a long inhale and putting it back.

At this point, I have no recollection about anything past this point until I got to the hospital. I do remember banging into everything like the wall or my door or my bunk bed ladder. Apparently, my stepdad heard this and comes upstairs and asks why I'm banging around at 12 am, and in my delirious state amazingly cover for myself by saying the carbon monoxide detectors are beeping and making me stay up, and my stepdad around this point takes every detector out of the socket and throws it outside of my house. Then I guess I did it again banging everywhere and this is when it really hit me, as I am bleeding from my nose or somewhere on my face and my stepdad comes upstairs, seeing me in this state asked what the hell I was doing, and to reply I said gibberish or incomprehensible language. At this point, I kinda start to remember but have no recollection of how I got to the hospital and the emergency room.

This is when the "fun" begins. I Do remember that I thought when they put the needles and a weird spider web thing on my arm thought we were at the supermarket and took the cast off the fruit of some kind, me being wheeled around the supermarket. Then I remember calling one of the nurses my grandma A LOT since she looked like her as I remember. At this point I don't remember the time at all, everything is a blur to me and foggy when thinking back. I peed A LOT on the hospital bed, soaking my jeans in the process which had to be removed by a really nice guy who kinda looked like John Krasinski but I thought when he was taking my pants off me he was sexually assaulting me, NOT TRUE. I was a dick and that's when I got put into hospital clothes, and I looked at my socks and thought there were Xanax bars on my feet, picking at them since the socks I wore had little bars on them and perceived that. I kept getting outta bed to steal a pack of cigarettes behind me but it turns out it was a box that had the plastic coverings for the ear look inside thing. They kept asking what I took and they said I wouldn't get in trouble, and I kept denying I took anything and after they took my clothes made me pee in a cup to test my pee, thinking I took LSD. I kept taking my needles off my arm for some reason and the nurses had to stop me each time from doing so. They had to sedate me with .5 of Ativan or lorazepam a couple of times I think so I could sleep. After that, I looked at the nurse watching me and thought it was a photo and I could speak to it and could talk to pictures, smiling and saying hi in a whisper to her. I woke up a day or two later and got discharged. The pills I took were stool softeners and the thc vape I hit was a pen. Never take this drug beyond 400 mg or you will suffer the consequences.

Submitted by Hormoaning

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