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Butane Honey Oil, Butane Hash Oil or BHO, is a combination of the essential oils from the cannabis plant, extracted using butane as a solvent. When the solvent is evaporated, and you are left with the oil. Oil tends to be the least refined of the general types of concentrates. (Shatter, Budder, Wax, Oil). This is a gooey, sticky liquid that can be hard to handle. THC levels tend to be less consistent, but it can retain full flavor potential.




The most common brands of butane. Isobutane and N-Butane. Isobutane can he hazardous to your health. Pure N-Butane is very difficult to find available in stores, only through Gas Supply Companies can one be sure they have pure N-butane. Those sources are expensive and not usually available to non-commercial customers, in support of federal guidelines listing it as a controlled substance used in the manufacture of illegal drugs, most folks use butane made for butane lighters. Each manufacturer blend slightly different, with n-Propane usually added as a propellant, because below the freezing temperature of water, butane is a liquid instead of gas. They also further refine the n-Butane to remove some of the impurities that can clog the small orifices in expensive butane lighters. This is often shown on lighter butane cans as a number followed by an X. (5X. 7X. 4X). Most places only carry the little 2oz cans; these are not enough. You will need at least 8oz of butane for every 1oz of plant material. 7X butane is available for even more money, is refined less and may have fewer impurities, but there is no known advantage over a good 4X for extraction.

  • Mirror Test

Take a mirror or piece of glass and spray a good amount of liquid butane onto it. (You may need some pliers to press the nozzle in) Wait about 5-10mins for the butane to evaporate and check the mirror for a white residue. Don't confuse water condensation for residue. Many will leave a slight residue, check for Smell. Should your residue smell bad, don't use it.

Extraction Tube

Avoid ALL Plastics, brass, steel and galvanized steel pipe, these all can contaminate your oil and make you sick. Stainless steal or pyrex/glass is your best choice. A cheap stainless steel turkey baster works very well with little modification. It holds about 1/2oz of bud. You can get specially made tubes in online markets.

Plant material

Good, fresh, dried and uncrushed bud makes the best honey oil. Grind them up and do a second extraction to get a lower grade of oil. Your original material will have a large part to play in the quality of your final product.

Plant Material, Recommended amount Butane, Estimated Yield

  • 1oz High quality bud-|-12oz-|-3-6g
  • 1oz Average bud, 10oz, 2-4g
  • 1oz low grade bud, 9oz, 2-3g
  • 1oz high quality trim leaves, 12oz, 3-5g
  • 1oz trim & leaves, 10oz, 2-4g
  • 1oz fan leaves, 8oz, 1-2g
Other Equipment
  • The collection dish A Pyrex/glass pie dish will work just fine.
  • Thick Gloves
  • Eye protection





While this is just one version of the procedure, there are still some risks involved with carrying out all BHO extractions. There are cases of major injuries related to BHO extraction procedures.

  • Always extract BHO outside.
  • Avoid static build-up.
  • NEVER extract near a flame. This includes smoking on the job.
  • Wear good eye protection, reading glasses won't work.
  • Wear thick gloves. For hand protection, and because what you are working with may get cold
  • Do not use cheap butane or camping butane. Additives that help detect leaks(rotten egg smell) can be bad for you.