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posted 32 days ago

hey Natzki,

Yes, I am aware that we've had problems staying on top of the edits/approvals. I used to take care of most of them, but I've been extremely busy the last year. I should have a bit more time now though. The best way to get your edits approved in a quick manner is via our Telegram channel. I can invite you again if you'd like.

As for the substance boxes, they have to be under "Template:" for technical/API reasons. There's no way to change it.

posted 475 days ago

Okay, noted.

BTW I wanted to send you this link:

I quite like the format they use for the effect descriptions (notice the different variations in how they start the sentence) and think they provide a good example for writing subjective effect descriptions on PW pages. Feel free to take note of them and incorporate into your own writing. Would love to see

We're also thinking of implementing magnitude / frequency of effects like the Examine pages too, just FYI.

I also noticed improvements in the way you write about legal stuff, which I'm definitely happy with. Good edits overall, keep it up.

Cheers and stay safe

posted 504 days ago

My suspicion is that your batch is low purity or maybe another substance. Has it been tested? For me, 2-FA was most comparable to d-amphetamine. Compared to racemic amphetamine, D-amphetamine has stronger central effects (i.e. less peripheral stimulation) and as a result feels a bit subtler. However, it was definitely stronger than methylphenidate.


posted 568 days ago

Hey Natzki,

With respect to your recent 2-FA page edit: is it really fair to compare it to caffeine? I find that comparison quite doubtful -- it is after all an amphetamine. And in my personal experience, it is much stronger than caffeine. Perhaps a better comparison would be to methylphenidate.

posted 793 days ago

I'd be interested to read a report or notes on your experiences with it!

Also, I am actually getting ready to conduct lab experiments with DiPT and its analogs, to test their auditory properties on mice. There is definitely a lot to learn from these compounds. So any and all documented human reports are valuable.

posted 820 days ago

Hey Natzki, hope all is well.

I just reviewed your edit for the DiPT substance box. I think it'd be better to list the auditory after effect as an after effect and not part of the substance's main duration. The duration should correspond to the gestalt of the effects -- DiPT is just as much a headspace altering tryptamine as it is an "auditory drug", and we shouldn't pigeonhole it. Some people have even reported ++++ experiences with DiPT so I think it's important to recognize this. I suggest adding the part of the prolonged auditory effects as a sentence or two in the "Subjective effects" introduction. Thanks!

posted 1413 days ago

Hey dude,

Can you format and include your personal stats for your recently submitted reports? They should ideally have this data if being included in the experience index.


posted 1632 days ago

Thank you :)

posted 1634 days ago

Yo dude, hope you've been doing well :) I just had a quick favor to ask of you -- do you mind uploading the ChemDraw diagrams for 3-HO-PCP and 3-HO-PCE? I am in the process of making substance pages for them now and don't have access to ChemDraw at the moment. Thanks.