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How to talk

  1. greet the person
  2. Ask the person how they are doing or about their day

The rest is a system of simply responding to their response and any response thereafter with one or more of the following options:

  • share your thoughts/ additional information on their statement and/or ask questions to know more.
  • develop ideas further, seek to build upon both yours and the other persons understanding of the current conversational topic.
  • tell them something relevant to mutual common interests or involving your personal life (proportional to mutual emotional closeness) and ask for their thoughts on it or a specific part of it.
  • Ask questions regarding the development of recent events in the other persons life which you may be aware of.

This should be done in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • show interest in their responses and in their personal life (proportional to mutual emotional closeness).
  • strive for balance between adding your own additional information and seeking theirs.
  • Adjust focus towards other person in a manner which is proportional to the emotional significance and/or novelty of the topic they are expressing.
  • It doesnt matter if you do not hear a response, they are probably busy or just distracted :)

With a group of people, the same principles apply but you simply engage with them as a group or alternate between the people depending who is talking and who is expressing a point of the most personal significance.