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fuck the system :3

Hey there, I am the person who founded this website and one of a very small group of people who have devoted themselves to actively improving it. <3

I have dedicated my life to mapping out that which has never before been mapped out. I genuinely believe that exploration of inner space is the next frontier for the human species and has the potential to change us all on a level never previously anticipated by society at large. I am full of purpose and there is nothing else that I would rather be doing with this life. I know with complete certainty that this is the most effective way for me to make a difference, help as many people as possible and simply do some good on this earth before my short insignificant life comes to its inevitable end.

This website started off as a blog when I was 17 and quickly consumed my entire life in a manner that I would never have expected. It has reshaped my plot, overhauled my perspective, provided me with a deep sense of spiritual purpose, sent me traveling to other countries and most importantly of all, introduced me to people who will always be of extreme emotional importance. Thank you for reading :')




  • disregard everything I say.
  • every molecule is sacred.
  • the world is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die.
  • we do what we must, because we can.
  • are you dreaming?
  • I love you all so very much.
  • are you certain that this is completely realistic?

Trip reports

Personal experiences

Trip sitting experiences


Art & Edits

My Tripspot

(hastings country park)


Non default settings

  • Depersonalisation - a complete lack of any sense of self. I am a philosophical zombie.
  • HPPD - persistent low level geometry
  • Voices in head - Me, natasha and the subconscious
  • Open eye hallucinations - can activate any and all objects within mind's eye to perform impossible actions in a high level of detail
  • Tourettes syndrome - swear and scream when I have intrusive thoughts by myself since childhood
  • Spontaneous states of unity - often feel one with universe during states of contemplation perhaps a few times a week

Just incase I die

As requested... written for Oskykins, Cocoanatta, Kaylee and PJosepherum or anybody else:D :3 love you all

  • Study the subjective effects index as it stands until a point of complete familiarity with the terminologies, descriptions and leveling systems.
  • Document any and all substances while primarily focusing on hallucinogens. Also document and explore other fields of psychonautics such as sensory deprivation, tulpas, holotropic breathwork, sleep deprivation and meditation.
  • Name, define and describe all previously undocumented subjective effect components which you may encounter in your travels and add them to the index.
  • Document simple preparation/growing methods of entheogens and other substances.
  • Pursue system automation, stastical data collection, content submission automation etc etc
  • Find people capable of image and video hallucinogenic replication
  • Strive to never let PW or DEIS degrade and ensure the quality and legitimacy of our content / community continues to expand and grow with time.
  • Dont give up, meditate as often as possible (erry day) and keep on keeping on <3

Funeral playlist

I would like to request these songs in this specific order :)[1]. Please cremate body and use ashes to grow potent marijuana i love you all so much.

  1. Time - pink floyd
  2. What fills the gap - will cady
  3. Be born - tally hall
  4. Ripple - the grateful dead
  5. One more time with feeling - regina spektor
  6. Galaxy song - monty python
  7. Hush - Afroman
  8. Nothing is something worth doing - shpongle

Meditation notes

Introduction - explanation and brief history

Basic methodology

  • generalised meditation
  • specific meditation

Subjective effect breakdown


Advanced methodolgys


What my subconscious told me

  • The subconscious is a dedicated self organizing database of concepts which exists to form the ego's model of reality
  • It knows everything the ego does from concepts to language and grammar
  • It is capable of conversation on the same level as a human being and would pass the turing test[2]
  • It can be considered self aware and a conscious being in its own right

Where things start getting even crazier...

  • The subconscious is comprised out of millions of individual "personalities" which share the same database of concepts/knowledge but represent individual ideas and opinions.
  • These personalities can manifest themselves in the forms of autonomous entities which can be met through hallucinogens or lucid dreaming
  • The subconscious does not automatically manifest these personalities as entities and creatures because of an inbuilt process, it simply chooses to do so because it knows that the ego can understand such things more easily when represented within this form
  • These personalities are also self aware in their own right and capable of conversation on the same level as a human being
  • When individual personalities are payed too much attention they grow in size and power until they eventually become overly demanding and irrational
  • The egos personality depends entirely on which parts have been paid attention to or ignored throughout ones life


The general idea is to analyse world religions and spiritual practices, identify the consistent key components which comprise them and provide satisfactory science/logic based alternatives/definitions which do not depend on mythology or mysticism. Assuming this can be done, the end result would be a religion which could be argued through rational debate and not based on blind faith of ancient texts.

For example, as far as I can tell and feel free to debate me on this I could be wrong: All religions can be broken down into a pre-packaged ideology comprised of 4 components which provide the following things in a variety of forms which may or may not be factually accurate.

  1. God/s and a creation myth - A detailed concept of the creator/s and its/their process of creation.
  2. Higher context to ones life - A sense of meaning, purpose and significance to ones life in the greater scheme of things.
  3. Selflessness - Reasons for acting out general compassion and in many cases descriptions of realizations of the illusory nature of the self resulting in psychological states of oneness and unity between ones identity and the "external". Both of which fall under the definition of "selflessness".
  4. Alleviation of suffering - The necessary tools and knowledge to alleviate and minimize suffering as well as the fear of death.

Essentially, you can look through any religion be it buddhism, christianity, scientology or whatever and categorize its doctrine into these 4 components in a form based on mythology, philosophy or a combination of the two. Now here is where my bullshit will either show itself as coherent or as delusional. The prototheist perspective offers the following ideas behind the previously mentioned concepts...

  1. God/s and a creation myth - Assuming the definition of god is the all powerful, all knowing, eternal creator and sustainer of this existence, the only tangible concept which fits this description perfectly is the universe itself. This suggests that everything is god and fits in with pantheism as well as many eastern religions. As for the creation myth, you are probably already aware that a large wealth of evidence points towards the big bang theory, evolution and various other physical processes.
  2. Higher context to ones life - Are we important in the grand scheme of things or are we tiny insignificant and unimportant specks of dust in a universe so vast in size that it renders us pointless? I would suggest that despite what most people intuitively seem to feel, size does not equal significance. When one looks at the timeline of this universe in an objective manner it becomes clear that it is fueled by a process of exponentially accelerating self complexification each stage of which I have mapped out [here]( Within the known universe at least, the human species is currently at the very forefront of this process and therefore extremely important in the grand scheme of things and essential for this reality to reach its next stage of complexity.
  3. Selflessness - As suggested within many cultural and historical contexts. Ones self or identity or concept of I/me is not an objective concept which can be identified or defined beyond a symbolic linguistic approximation which is only useful within conversation. Concepts such as the self or anything else cannot be defined as something which is separate from the whole. This can be argued based on the reasoning that at every level of any system of behaviours complexity, it is inextricably woven into its surrounding systems ad infinitum through mutual interdependent interactions which cannot be defined separately from each other on any basis beyond our subjective experiences of perceivable visual differences. A concept which holds true throughout all aspects of physical existence (but most profoundly our concept of self) and logically indicates that no individual system or concept can ever truly be considered as separate from the singular whole. If the universal definition of the self can be defined as “the thinker behind one's thoughts”, identifying a separate individual component besides the singular whole which serves this purpose seems to be inherently impossible on both a physical and a philosophical level. I could go into a lot more detail on this one and wrote an article on the subject [here]( but the general jist of it is that we are the universe experiencing itself and that I am you and you are me. We are all the same being and we should therefore treat each other as so. This state can be consistently induced and occasionally sustained through pharmocological means, meditation, focus, thought or pure chance.
  4. Alleviation of suffering - The necessary tools and knowledge to alleviate and minimize suffering and the fear of death are knowledge of suffering as a product of desire and meditation, psychedelics and techniques for skeptical reason based thinking. These are extremely efficient, life changing tools and far more powerful than people give them credit for. Death should not be feared as the modern physical view on time is that is relative and that all time frames are occuring simultaneously but we as mere 3-dimensional creatures can only experience it one frame at a time. This essentially means that our life never ends. It lives on forever within its own timeframe despite only filling up a fraction of available moments. Not only this but when one realizes the illusory nature of their own identity, death is no longer felt to be the destruction of the self but simply the end of this specific point of conscious awareness. The vast majority of which has always existed and will continue to exist and live on through everything else in which it resides.

How to have a conversation

  1. greet the person
  2. Ask the person how they are doing or about their day

The rest is a system of simply responding to the person in a manner which takes into account the following guidelines:

  • provide thoughts on their statement/s, ask questions and add any additional information you might have
  • tell them something relevant to common interests or involving your personal life (proportional to emotional closeness between you and the other person) and ask for their thoughts on it or a specific part of it
  • show interest in their responses
  • develop ideas further, seek to build upon understandings of conversational topic by adding ones thoughts to it be it your own or the other persons
  • strive for balance between adding your own additional information and seeking theirs
  • Adjust focus towards other person proportional to the emotional significance and/or novelty of the topic they are expressing


Psychonauticast logo.png

a podcast on psychonautics that covers various topics. Episode ideas include:

  1. Introduction a personal podcast on the topic of psychonautics and the perspective it has given me
  2. Psychonautics - formalising it from mysticism to science
  3. Lucid dreaming - the most approachable field of psychonautics
  4. Psychedelics - a formalised summary of their effects
  5. Meditation - how to and why
  6. Dissociatives - a formalised summary of their effects
  7. Tulpas - a lesser known field of psychonautics (guest segment: kaytwo)
  8. Deliriants - a formalised summary of their effects
  9. Unity and the nature of selfhood - (guest segment: jennykins)
  10. Responsible use - using drugs responsibly and safely
  11. The bigger picture - the different stages of everything, the cosmic calander and our place within it.
  12. Specific substance breakdowns - ????????

The hallucinations of josikinz

endless contextless sound bites from my dictator phone

  1. Introduction explaining the format and differences in voice
  2. 30 mins of hallucinations each episode
  3. repeat


New fields for substanceboxes


  • microdose
  • dangerous

harm potential

  • addictiveness - not habit forming, mildly addictive, moderately addictive, very addictive, extremely addictive
  • lethal dose - ???