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Media news without peer reviewed medical report.

Some science journals that claim to peer review papers do not do so

Media news


Henry Suggitt

[I asked to write an article about this case.] - "Henry was found to have 1.3 micrograms of LSD in his system, for every microlitre of blood and 31mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood."

The average adult has about 1.2 to 1.5 gallons (4.5 to 5.5 liters) of blood.

  • 1.3 microliters LSD × 5 000 000 microliters blood = 6 500 000 microliters LSD = 6.5 g LSD
  • 3.1 milligrams alcohol × 1000 ml blood × 5 = 15500 milligrams alcohol = 15.5 grams alcohol

Pilot studies

Stilton cheese

Possible lobbyist.

Stilton cheese can cause crazy or vivid dreams: "We also found evidence of a single, industry-sponsored laboratory study on the effects of food on dreaming (British Cheese Board, 2005). In 2005, the British Cheese Board conducted a study with 200 volunteers on the effects of eating cheese on dreams. The study purportedly found no evidence for the notion that eating cheese prior to sleep can induce nightmares, but did find evidence that different types of cheese can induce different types of dreams—for example, eating Stilton cheese often led to crazy or vivid dreams while eating cheddar cheese often led to dreams of celebrities. But although the results were widely reported in the media [e.g., “Sweet dreams are made of cheese,” Anonymous (Daily Mail), 2005], they were never published in a peer-reviewed journal, and the available information about the study is extremely sparse." - Note that 10 grams of Stilton cheese can cause a hypertensive crisis.