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This article is stoner talk.

As such, it should not be taken seriously and must be disregarded as the ramblings of a crazy person.

Hyperpantheism - Extreme suspension of assumption.

From Ancient Greek ὑπέρ ‎(hupér, “over”), πᾶν ‎(pân), neuter form of πᾶς ‎(pâs, “all, every”), θεός ‎(theós, “god, divine”). It is characterized by the belief that although there is no definitive evidence for the existence of corporeal divinity, it is logical to assume an extreme suspension of assumption where given the lack of total knowledge there is a possibility for anything to be true. Hyperpantheism (HPT) concludes that every possible religion is potentially real somewhere in the multiverse, if not our own. Often the adherents are quick to point out the ridiculousness of the potential beliefs that follow this conclusion such as faith in an omnipotent cat overlord.

Let us purr for the cute and powerful Widdle Fluffymunchkins, may you lick our troubles clean. Me-ow.

While HPT will often entertain the potential truth of others religious beliefs, it is very adamant on requiring direct evidence that these assumptions hold true to their local universe. This is often a point of divide between the skeptics and faithful, while HPT attempts to reconcile and accommodate these two extremities. This mindset can be used to regard all mysteries and not merely the religious, even allowing for a self aware perspective on itself by admitting that even HPT is also a belief system that must be subject to it's own requirement of direct evidence that any assumptions it makes hold true to the local reality. This is a self regulating mechanism that seeks to help ensure the often silly hypothetical realities of HPT do not get out of hand.

Oh Fluffy Munchkins, you who bestows upon on us the miracle of the defeated rodent, let it be a sign that vermin are subject to your wrath!

Hyperpantheism distinguishes itself from agnosticism by suggesting that it is not necessarily impossible to know divine truth, but rather it is just highly unlikely that any belief system is an accurate representation of ultimate truth. Although, it is entirely possible that an assumption out of infinite others happens to be the one real answer to life, the universe and everything.

Any cat that cross your may be an omnipotent entity in diguise, it could very well be Widdle Fluffymunchkins the snuggly deity for all we know!

The symbol used to represent HPT is simply a question mark, especially when it is used to ask for evidence of some assumption, or otherwise clarification of some mystery. This mark is used because the act of asking a question (unless rhetorical) often show's the users lack of definitive knowledge yet willingness to learn, and these two traits are the core tenants of HPT. It's not an object of worship but rather just a reminder that we may not know everything - so ask questions and investigate to learn more.

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