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StonerTalk:Corticosteroid's shit ((You are here))

This article is stoner talk.

As such, it should not be taken seriously and must be disregarded as the ramblings of a crazy person.


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Insuffulation, also known as snorting, is the practice of "sniffing" a powdered pharmaceutical or recreational substance through a snorting implement such as a straw, hollow pen tube, or other object so that the powder lands on the nasal membranes and is absorbed into the blood.

This practice is most notably done with cocaine, but can be done with other substances.

If you harm yourself, get first-aid medical attention.

If you suspect you may have done something worse, please get immediate medical attention.

A Little Warning

Oh, if you bleed easily, snorting might give you a wicked nosebleed, so get a papertowel ready if you take lots of warfarin.
Also, the following tutorial contains liberal, but not overuse of mean language.
If you're a child, which, if so, go here instead of here:
Drugs aren't good for your brain at your tiny little age. Learning about them is...
Hey, and also, I know that "drug" is quite a loaded term, but it's only used because it sounds better than "substance." Doesn't take away from the flow and humor supplementing this article, which is very much needed if you're a fucker with ADHD like the person who originally wrote this. (Corticosteroid...shameless self-plug. :])

You Will Need

One straw, hollow pen, or other snorting tool, a surface to crush on (if you're using pills), your powder/pill of choice, decongestant (oxy- or xylometazoline), and good tissues. No, not for jerking off into...Jesus, you need to try no-fap.

Why Would You Snort?

Snorting makes it so the drug is absorbed by the nasal membranes and transported directly to the blood. What this does is decrease the onset and total time while compromising for potency.

How To Snort

Snorting is a practice that is done safely with these following rules.

The Basics

Selecting the Sniffer

1. Take a snorting implement. To begin, I'd suggest a simple thin straw, cut to about 3-6 inches long. Do NOT use McDonald's-style straws. They will deliver the drug way too fast and it will hurt like a bitch, especially if it goes into the back too far (or potentially into the lungs) and causes the mixture of snot and drug to drip down your throat...lovely. Doesn't taste good, causes a massive throatache, and wastes the product. If you snort using a McDonald's straw anyway and then immediately regret it (you will), imagine Ronald McDonald squirting hydrochloric acid up your nose while choking a child to death on McNuggets to introduce some humor into the situation of your nose burning like shit to lighten it up. Also, don't try to look cool with paper bills. You'll look like a cliché-loving idiot, plus it's hard to assemble correctly, plus your powder of choice will probably have some left behind in the bill. Oh, also, bills are dirty as hell, which brings me to tell you; wash your tool first and after each use, also, do not share it with anyone. You can also use a long pen tube, but that's not a good idea because it's less efficient and takes more time to prepare. If you think this is way too long a guide for just snorting, number one, get ready for the rest, and number two, your lines will probably be too long to snort right as well.

Don't Let Other People See It

1a. Ok, this should be self-explanatory, but if you don't want to get caught snorting or doing drugs, which I assume you don't, do not let this straw in a place where other people will see it, or even worse, authorities. Especially if that straw is cut down? Holy shit, they'll search it with excitement like a maid with OCD searches a mansion for fucking specks on the windows and put you in the slammer faster than a guy with the munchies throws pizza rolls into his microwave. Even more god damn worse, if you blunted the end of it with a lighter. They'll just practically shoot-on-sight. If you're very stupid and still don't care, just like when you let Ronald McDonald squirt acid up your nose, at least rinse it out with alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, and water. Yes, all three. For..."safety."

Selecting the Surface

2. With your straw aside, take a flat surface. Make sure it is not porous (small holes in it that powder may fall in to. it's a bitch to clean and wasteful.) Good examples include the cover of your college textbook that you paid way too damn much for (this helps fit the scene if you're doing Adderall or other stimulants), a mirror (don't push too hard if you're breaking a pill), or a desk.

Selecting the Crush Tool

3. Third, if you are crushing a pill, take your crushing implement. If you already have powder, like cocaine, skip to step four. My personal favorite crushing tool is the cap of a pop bottle, like a Pepsi. Absolutely make sure that the pill has been crushed into a fine powder!!! Otherwise, the chunks in your nose will hurt bad and won't allow you to snort easily.


4. Ok. First, apply one spray of decongestant to each nostril (oxymetazoline 0.05% works good) and blow your nose very good. Take a spray bottle that has not previously had a harsh chemical in it with some distilled (ideally) water and set it to a gentle stream. Lightly spray up the nose and blow again. This is to clear your snot away from the membranes. Now, arrange your powder into about 2-5 lines that are easy to hit and follow. Take the straw and very slowly, as not to poke the nose, (it may help to burn one end with a lighter to blunt it out ((but rinse it in cool water get the heat out))) place it up the nose. You should stop when you begin to feel discomfort. Plug one nostril and secure the straw in the other one. Go down to the powder's level and


First, it is not a very good idea for your nose to frequently snort crushed pills, even if they do not seem to hurt it. Pills, as they are intended for oral consumption, contain things called "binders" and other things. Among these active ingredients are commonly

  • magnesium stearate. Chemically, it is a soap. It is used as an anti-sticking agent.
  • talc powder. It is a mineral. Used as a glidant at a concentration that holds the pill together well.
  • anhydrous lactose. Lactose is a bulking agent and can be used to add mass or shape to the pills.
  • monohydrated lactose. This is similar to lactose.
  • sucralose. Usually, pills that contain sucralose are meant for chewing and swallowing. It's not a good idea to snort a pill with sucralose due to the fact that it can irritate the nasal membrane and cause extreme burning.

There can always be more inactive ingredients. Adjust accordingly upon own research.

Common active ingredients in snorted pills are usually as follows.

  • Opioids. - Oxycodone, hydrocodone, oxymorphone, and hydromorphone can all come in pill form. Hydro- and oxymorphone, however, have low nasal and oral bioavailability, but I would discourage one from trying to inject the pill contents. Oxy- and hydrocodone usually contain APAP, which may contain a risk.
  • Stimulants. - Cocaine, methylphenidate, dexmethylphenidate, amphetamine, and caffeine are all snortable. You can not snort lisdexamfetamine to increase potency or decrease duration because it is dextroamphetamine bonded to L-lysine. What this does is make it take longer for the dextroamphetamine to be processed by the body, making snorting lisdexamfetamine almost pointless.