Experience:6mg DOC (insufflated) - Thought I was dying

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Experience reports - DOC

  • Date: April 2018
  • Age: 18
  • Sex: M
  • Height: 177cm / 5'10"
  • Weight: 65kg / 140lb
  • Misc: Very experienced especially with hallucinogens, also including DOM, DOB, DOC. My psyche is somewhat altered but I am no no medications atm.
  • Set: Regular, looking forward to what I may experience.
  • Setting: Alone, walking through the woods at midday. Incase something goes wrong a friend of mine offered me to come by his house.


T+0:00 It was about 3PM when I took the DOC. I walked through the (somewhat crowded) woods at the time, looking for a place where I could safely snort. It was very windy and there were lots of people so I took a slightly offtrack path and did it as quick as possible, which took longer because of the wind. I eyeballed about half what I took with me (I guess 6mgs), which was approximately 10mgs (never do this without researching your dosages..). There was little inital burn, about the same as with smaller dosages. I'm not sure but maybe it's because my nose got desensitized over time. The drip and runny nose came on rather quickly and werw not that pleasant.

I looked back purely out of instinct when I saw some random guy not that far away with his dog walking behind me so I quickly stood up and started walking. I don't think me knew what I was doing.

T+0:10 The first effects start to show themself, later than I expected. I get somewhat LSD-like visuals, a moderately uncomfortable body load, and some mild confusion and discomfort. The guys dog ran up to me me then stood there and left again multiple times. I didn't really know what to do, but the guy talked with me a bit and I notice I am only capable of short answers like "Umm" "Uh-huh" and "Oh yes". I was very uncomfortable, unlike I've been a long time ago where I had more social anxiety. I'm also feeling somewhat distant, but not as much as with Lsd, but yet more anxious, due to the confusion and body load.

T+0:20 The effects are strong now as I reach the top of the hill where I was going and have a nice view over the fields. Now the visuals were really distinct, they were not really LSD-like, you can clearly see a difference. It was more "2D" and "HD"-like, saw some comiclike-birds in the trees (hallucinations, right?), distant houses had a similar warping movement than LSD but not nearly as beautiful and more messy, bright and simple. Best said "cheap". The body load was now uncomfortable, I had that horrible stinging sensation at the back of my throat which is probably the drip, my nose is blocked, my lips and mouth are numb and I couldn't say if I was feeling hot or cold. This is about the time where I slowly couldn't handle it anymore.

T+0:25 Extreme psychedelic effects now take me over, I am now "tripping pretty hard", The visuals were intense, I kept seeing eyes in my visuals, they were also very 2D and cartoon-like. I wasn't blinded but couldnt really see anything either, just where things were but not what things are. Then I got really anxious and started to fear for my health. I clench my hand to see if its still working, when I felt the vasoconstriction. Really feared for my life I took a third of an etizolam pill and a third of a flunitrazolam pill, I took with me just incase. I get up and start walking into the forest, not really capable of thinking of what I'm actually doing.

T+0:30 As I started walking i instantly tried to take a final full etizolam pill, which although was in a very very small plastic bag, and I was so high I couldnt get it open, I bit the top off but it was still "unreachable" to me. I kept trying to get the very tiny pill out of the very tiny bag but I seemed next to impossible. Eventually I dropped it and immediately couldn't find it, even though it was a orange baggie, the floor was gravel and the sun was up. I was heavily confused and keep walking. Eventually I turned around and saw the entrance of the forest and I somehow forgot when and why I even walked into it. I stood around some time not knowing what to do, looking at the insane visuals with effects still getting stronger and I more and more get feared for my life. At this point im no longer "normal" and I delusionally believed I took some "failed chemical" which wasnt DOC but so toxic that I'm going to die. I imagine scenarios of how such a death would be, when your body is dying while your tripping balls, not knowing what's going on and your entire vision is full of shapes and eyes. The fact that I could breathe and walk slightly kept me sane at the time.

T+0:40 Suddently I've now lost control I walk back out as fast as I clould (although I walked) of the woods in search of someone who can take me to the hospital because ive never been so high before and I really thought I was not going to survive this. It started to rain and wind a bit which didn't help my situation and I was really cold and somehow numb in my body and completely in my lips. The inside of my mouth was scratched somehow.

T+0:50 I run around the outside of the forest, in a very werid way, similar to on DXM, until I finally found some people by some fireplace. I ran to them and the first thing I said was "Please call an ambulance, im high as fck". I couldn't really make any real conversation with them after, I tried to tell them that I was really not feeling well and that this was different from a typical psychedelic overdose because I might die.They kept telling me to sit down and they called an ambulance. I remember only bits of peaced when I sat there, including them screaming at me to be quiet and some stuff where I answered something differently that what they asked. I remember up to the part where they told me the ambulance is here but after that my memory gets really blurry and I only remember fragments. Did i get tranquilized? Or was it the flunitrazolam.

T+1:00?: Here are those things I remember, to my knowledge some of these include ego dissolution if I'm right:

- Me getting into the ambulance, theres blood over my arms and I was feeling like shit, when later my body imploded and huge amounts of dark blood spilled everywhere

- The nurses were in shock

- My fried who I saw before the trip that offered me to stay at his house was there, plus another one from my school which was meant to be there?, they both said "hey yo dude" and were somewhat enthusiastic. The ambulance somehow contacted them or something because they needed information from them? They were not actually present.

- I was in a bus and i saw my ex girlfriend and my best friends girlfried, really sweet looking and seducing, looking at me like it's the thing we all do because we like each other. Nothing sexual.

- Hearing my ex boss from years ago and my mom crying in the distance while the ambulance was driving away, neither of them were present as well.

- My body dissolved into my mind and somehow I got the sense that both where the same thing and that we all are the same. I don't remember much later but every few seconds two seperate things (no idea what tho) merged into one and both me and the nurses (if there were any) again realized that everything is indeed everything while we also questioned "why can you even explain anything?".

- Several different voices of jumbled and unrecognizeable words, which some I didn't get out of my head since them (not the voices, but the memory)

T+16:00 I wake up in the hospital, refreshed, no sudden schock, no anxiety, nothing bad at all, I don't even remember the drive in the ambulance nor when I entered. Visuals were still here, although now beautiful and very different from before (similar to lower dosages). I was seeing a lot of women with my eyes closes (CEVs) as well as shapes and green glows with my eyes open. Nothing like the DOC geometry im used to (maybe because it was a very long time ago when I last took DOC). The people were really nice to me and asked me where I was what I did etc, but something told me they were annoyed and not really happy by crashing into the hospital and staying a night. Still some vasoconstriction noticeable when they took my blood. I spent some time there enjoying every second from 5 AM to 7 AM, just looking at the visuals, not using my phone and whatnot. Cognitively I'm not really high anymore, just relaxed, although I'm not sure why as etizolam and flunitrazolam don't last this long. Maybe it was the sleep.

T+21:00 Visuals still here, i get out of the hospital really fatigued like never before from drugs. I drive some bus and then a friend of me texted me and I went out with him. The visuals continued to probably the 24 hour mark when they dissappeard. It was very exhausting to do anything, especially hanging out.

Then the next three days or so I was completely worn out, havent felt this sort of fatigue ever.

This was really an experience, which I don't really regret, but I leared alot about myself and my drug use as well as of the difficulty of high doses of amphetamine psychedelics, which I wasn't prepared for. I've only taken extremely high doses of LSD (700ug was the one where I could remember most), and while difficult, it was managable and nowhere near the difficulty of DOC.

I'd say this is a high as anybody should ever go with DOC, I can't really imagine anyone having a good time at these doses, or if this is even possible. Life changing experiences could probably happen but I think they may not be as pronounced as with other psychedelics and are more of a personal meaning.

Submitted by Natzki

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