Experience:1000/2500ug LSD - Massive dose with massive tolerance report

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Trip Reports - LSD

  • Date: October 2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 145 pounds
  • Age: 18
  • Set: Not really applicable, I'm very experienced with this. First trip was literally hours after a breakup, I just didn't focus on that. I usually just tell myself that at such doses I shouldn't at all try to control the experience, I should just let myself go and handle whatever comes.
  • Setting: Alone in a forest; I don't reccomend this even if you love the woods, I had constant paranoia of the sounds, insects, gross cobwebs and everything of the like. I suggest if one does go into the woods for tripping it's ok to just take a walk or rest at a cabin or something but just laying on soil surrounded by trees and bushes isn't that comfy, especially if it's not summer.


Trip #1 [1000 micrograms] (PROLOUGE)

I first took one blotter advertised as 500 micrograms, all started pretty basic, first effects (body warmth) was noticed at T+0:15 in, slowly but progressively rising in effects.

At approximately T+0:30 I took another blotter, totaling of about 1000 micrograms (700-1000 micrograms if you want it defined, this is what I can scope it to from my experience). The high rose unexpectedly fast, but it wasn‘t difficult to handle at all, besides some weird realizations that words didn't make any sense, this confused me and I experienced some slight anxiety, while I tried to let go of using words to define my experience. Virtually no nausea.

After about T+1:20 I could barely see my hand in front of my eyes, and everything I could recognize were glowing trees, in sort of an "x-ray vision", but not the ground, the sky, or anything further away than about 6 feet which was conpletely black, although not still at all.

Some bicycle drove paste me (I think) with the front light on, at the time I had NO IDEA what that was since all I saw was an extremely fast moving, flashing light which split and wrapped around me in a completely unrecognizable visual mess. After I arrived at my spot where I decided to sit down I was heavily confused, don‘t seem to remember everything from the trip, but it sure was intense. I fell into a bad trip (or ego death?). I constantly remided myself that after this I will be okay, but sometime after that I completely forgot that and I quickly took a Xanax, trying to abort the trip. I was on my way home since I was not feeling well, but it actually worked pretty easy, I didn't have trouble walking, or picking up the phone. But right after that it hit me and I was having major ego-loss? It's just that feeling if you get into a bad trip and you feel like you are going to die, don't know how else to explain except that it didn't feel good. Shortly after I got heavily confused, I couldn't speak, let my phone drop, pulled my jacket and bag off me and walked in a circle, all in the middle of a road. I somehow returned to my phone which I saw was on the ground and it was ringing. What was it doing there? Did I drop it there? After that I just collapsed laid on the ground didn‘t know what was happening while still being half aware of everything. Had weird hallucinations of the person I was talking to on the phone. Whenever a car drove by I actually just moved my feet so it didn't look like I died or something. How was I still somewhat 'normal' in this phase? This lasted an hour or so (don't remember) until I was found by a car, just told everyone I was ok, then wanted to go back into tripping but was unable, the visuals continued, I went home

Trip #2 [2500 micrograms]

This took place exactly 2 weeks after the first experience, where tolerance should have been back to baseline. I started with 4 of the same blotters totaling roughly 2000 micrograms.

Again, all started pretty normal, first effect felt at T+0:07, which rose pretty fast.

After T+0:30 I was tripping pretty hard, probably compareable 300 microgram point. It was at that point where the visuals didn‘t increase in intensity, while the body load did, and the cognitive effects sort of just ‚shut down‘. I dosed another blotter (+500ug), but I spit it out after 5-10 minutes, not sure why.

In conclusion, peak was hit already after T+1:00, the visuals compareable to 300-400 micrograms, although with a different style, which has more similaritiy to shrooms and 2CE.

The body load was heavy, probably the only thing resembling 2500 mics here.

The headspace was weird. It consisted of powerful sedation at the beginning, I like didn’t feel like moving a single muscle. It literally felt like I was melting. After that short period it turned pretty confusing but clearheaded, not sure how to explain, I simply couldn‘t think straight but yet I knew where I was, who I was, what I was doing etc.

At about T+1:30 or T+2:00 I had that same thing again where I fell into the bad trip (or again, ego death?), except I knew that it was coming. my emotions mixed, and I was less and less self aware. I was in a paranoid situation at the time; alone in the woods (although at daytime), so I put my head in my jacket and laid on the ground again, letting whatever comes happen.

T+3:00 and I „wake up“, completely clearheaded, don‘t remember what happened after when I laid down. In my head I was completely sober, a bit worn out, but the visuals continued, and they were the most beautiful I have ever seen, even on LSD, even though the intensity was from less than 200ug, I stared at them every once in a while, they were perfect. They continued for another 14 hours I believe, and now they actually looked like LSD-visuals.

The only cognitive effect that i noticed was my sense of time sped up drastially, it‘s like two seconds now were one. People were moving so fast and I was so slow it sort of made me depressed and I felt like I couldn‘t catch up with the world.

I went to the club after that, I could socialize pretty well even though my social anxiety gets really bad on acid. After that nothing really changed in everyday life.

Weirdest experience I‘ve ever had from acid, just figured I would add it here to show somehing not everyone might even get to experience.

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