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This guide is provided for informational and educational purposes only. We do not encourage you to break the law and cannot claim any responsibility for your actions.

Black tar heroin in this form must be dissolved into water before it can be snorted.

Black tar heroin often comes in a form that is initially unable to be insufflated ("snorted"). This is due to the sticky consistency of this substance. For this reason, many believe that smoking or injecting is the only valid routes of administration for this form of heroin; however, this is untrue.

This is a guide designed to introduce insufflation as a viable routes of administration for a user of black tar heroin.

For more information on the psychoactive effects of heroin, please see its subjective effect profile.


A nasal irrigator can be used after insufflation to clean the sinuses of any impurities in the drug solution.
  • Black tar heroin - This is the dirty, sticky, highly adulterated version of heroin that some users in the western and southern parts of the United States are familiar with. It is unable to be snorted in its processed form, which has a gooey consistency.
  • Syringe and needle - The black tar heroin is dissolved in water and heated in a method equivalent to the one found used to inject and is detailed below.
  • Clean water - Dissolve the heroin in water while being careful not to use too much as one does not want to take in too much water. The less water used, the more concentrated the solution becomes. While the concentrated solution creates a burning sensation in the nose, some prefer it for the increased potency it offers.
  • Spoon/cooking utensil - This is used to dissolve the heroin into sterile, distilled water as if one was preparing to inject it.
  • Filter - A micron filter is best, but people usually resort to using a cotton q-tip for a filter. Do not re-use any cotton filters as this can lead to cotton fever, which can be life-threatening.
  • For nasal administration: Nasal irrigator - This can be used about an hour after snorting to clear the sinus passages of any impurities. Reports of black impurities exiting the sinus cavities upon irrigation are common when using a cotton filter, which suggests that cotton may not be the best-suited filter.


  1. Place the heroin into the spoon with the sterile water.
  2. Apply heat until the substance dissolves.
  3. Using an insulin needle and 1 mL syringe barrel, suck up the heroin solution into the syringe barrel through the filter, leaving out any large physical impurities. There is usually black gunk left in the spoon, and this should not be allowed to enter the body.
  4. Either inject, or pour over the solution to a nasal spray bottle if you are going to take it intranasally.

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